Tired of the same default homescreen, and its OSX Dashboard motif? Bored with tapping the same icons over and over again? Well fire up your Community Source package, and let SummerBoard cure those homescreen blues.

This amazing app changes the look and feel of iPhone's default launcher, with a choice of four available themes. If you have Installer.app setup, just select SummberBoard from the list of source packages. After installed you will see a new icon on your homescreen called SMBPrefs. Tap that and pick a theme. It's just that simple.

Leopard is my favorite. It's colorful but not gaudy. For those of you who lust for those new icons found on iPod Touch, the included Louie Mantia theme will satisfy your craving. If you don't like certain aspects of your UI skinned, like the dock for example, you can simply turn off features you don't want. Try it out yourself.

summerboard-louie.jpg summerboard-panther.jpg summerboard-prefs.jpg