Sunrise Calendar for Mac

Popular iPhone and iPad calendar, Sunrise, has today made the leap to the desktop with the launch of a brand new Mac version. If you're familiar with Sunrise on iOS, or if you're just a little bored with the stock Mavericks calendar app then you'll want to take a look at Sunrise. Here's what we're looking at:

  • Beautiful design built specifically for desktop
  • Full offline mode
  • Native Mac notifications for reminders
  • Synchronization between all your Sunrise apps (mobile and desktop)
  • Apps: connect Evernote, Tripit, Foursquare, Asana, Github, Songkick, Producteev directly from the Mac app and enjoy these apps in your calendar

It carries across the same sleek look and feel from the iOS version, as well as keeping the feature set jam packed – especially with all those apps you can hook in. It's completely free, very much awesome and well worth your time. Grab it from the Mac App Store now at the link below. Is this the Mac calendar app you've been waiting for?

Source: Sunrise

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