Sunrise Calendar's Meet keyboard will help you schedule your next one-on-one

Sunrise Calendar has introduced Meet, a new keyboard for iPhone and iPad. Meet is built around helping you quickly schedule meet-ups with other people. Once you activate Meet, you can suggest times for appointments from any app.

Meet is a keyboard for iOS 8 that lets you schedule one-to-ones right from where you are, without having to reach out for your calendar. You get to pick available spots in your week from your keyboard and send them to anyone through one short link. When the person on the other side picks the time that works best for them, the event is automatically added to both your calendars. And voilà!

In addition to selecting the time, Meet will also let you set the duration of your meeting, and even suggest locations. Meet comes as part of Sunrise Calendar 4.0, which is available now from the App Store.

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