Superbrothers puts players in the role of The Scythian, hero of the story, who just happens to be female. Feminist Frequency host Anita Sarkeesian talks about what makes The Scythian noteworthy in the seven minute segment.

Sarkeesian is a media critic, and her Web series Tropes vs. Women has focused attention on the often sexist and portrayal of women in movies, TV shows and video games. Sarkeesian's focus on the portrayal of women in video games as objectified, often helpless sex objects has raised the ire of some gamers. So it's interesting turnabout to see Tropes vs. Women focus on positive female characters instead.

This episode examines how Sword & Sworcery employs widely recognizable action adventure game tropes to make the Scythian's quest feel like the stuff of video game legend, and how in doing so, it asserts that women can fill the role of the mythic hero as effectively as men can.

Do you think Sarkeesian's description of the Scythian is accurate? Do you appreciate the positive portrayal of women and girls in video games? Sound off in the comments. And if you haven't played the game yet, check it out!

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