iPhone History

Companies are preparing to battle it out against one another for the number two spot next to Samsung for Apple's next iPhone. Samsung has already been named the primary display provider for the next smartphone, but the second position is currently up for grabs.

As reported by ET News:

"Although there is a high chance that LG Display will be chosen as the secondary supplier, it is heard that LG Display is having trouble with supply and demand of major equipment. As Taiwan's Hon Hai Group, which took over Sharp, and JDI are looking to enter OLED market, competition has developed into a three-way race."

While Apple considers a second partner for screen production, Samsung is looking to invest and further increase capacity in order to more effectively meet demand requirements. It's believed that Apple is considering Japanese and Taiwanese manufacturers over LG's display corp.

"Industries are pointing out that because LG Display has yet to secure depositor, which is a major equipment in a process for manufacturing Flexible OLEDs, it has yet to be grasp the position that is most likely to become the secondary partner. Although small OLED depositor was originally dominated by Japan's Canon Tokki, LG Display is having trouble securing supplies because Samsung Display and China's BOE had ordered huge amount of supplies first."

It's reported that Samsung will deliver an estimated 50-80% of panels for iPhones that feature flexible OLED displays. Competing manufacturers still have some ways to come if they're to take on Samsung.