Supposed iPad 3 parts assembled on video, unsurprisingly looks like iPad 2

A set of the supposed iPad 3 parts, like the ones that have been floating around for weeks, have again been put them together, and again offered them up for the internet's collective viewing pleasure. This time it's M.I.C Gadgets doing the inverse-teardown (build-up?) and... there's nothing much surprising. It looks like an iPad 2 that's the tiniest bit thicker and has a more pronounce tapering around the edges. They do, however, think 4G LTE is unlikely at this point.

iPad 3, as we said before is the same size in terms of memory. 16GB, 32GB and 64GB are the flavors of the day here, no surprises. Readers will also be pleased to know that the price has not increased either. We at M.I.C. feel that this is because the rumored LTE will not be integrated. As indicated in our previous in depth article to Apple’s mobile strategy, we said there was a very limited market for LTE at this time. Also, the LTE chipset adds an extra cost to each unit, which the normal Qualcomm 3G chipset does not incur. We also feel that it will most likely be added to the next model, as opposed to this one. Our sources concur with us on this as well.

The Wall Street Journal previously confirmed 4G LTE for the iPad 3. iMore heard it's coming but not whether it would debut in the iPad 3 or later this fall in the iPhone 5.

If accurate, and now that we can rest doubly assured all the parts do indeed fit together, we can turn our attention to what will likely be the more interesting part of the iPad 3 event scheduled for next Wednesday, March 7 -- the software.

New features in iOS 5.1? Siri? New Apple apps? Apple's managed to keep those bits of news almost completely under wraps.

Source: M.I.C. Gadgets