Yesterday, we saw a clear picture of what was supposedly the casing part for the iPhone 5 launching this fall, and today we have this shot of its manufacturing schematic.  

Unfortunately, all of the figures have been blurred out, but we're pretty sure that with the added length, the screen size should be around 4 inches measured diagonally. Everything else seems to line up with what we saw yesterday, including the new bottom placement of the headphone jack, new micro-dock connector, and a Facetime camera directly above the earpiece (rather than off to the side, as on current iPhone models). Of course, one always has to be wary of taking this stuff too seriously; this could still easily be yet another Chinese iPhone knock-off, however elaborate it may be.

Personally, I'm cool with the new design, if this actually pans out to a production iPhone 5. The two-toned matte/glass rear looks classy enough, and a bottom-mounted headphone jack would make it easier to listen to tunes on an iPhone 5 while having it placed right-side-up on a desk for regular usage; in its current spot, headphone wires have to wrap around and I find tend to get in the way. I'm also curious to see if that rumor about new colors pans out; a little variety beyond black and white would be nice to see. The new micro-dock connector is likely to peeve a few people who have invested heavily in accessories, but Apple's never been shy about making a clean break from the past for the sake of pushing onwards into the future.

Do you guys think this is actually what the iPhone 5 will end up looking like? Would you rather a different layout, perhaps something a bit wider? Where do you stand on the whole 16:9 aspect ratio debate? Here are a few cleaner pictures of the black and white casing the bubbled up yesterday for your consideration.

Source: iLab Factory via AppleInsider, 9to5 Mac