iPhone 5 Case Leak

A video has surfaced today that claims to show off the iPhone 5 metal back and casing. The casing shown off in the video does appear to exactly match last weeks leaked photographs which showed a raft of changes from the iPhone 4S design.

The video shows off the new slimmer casing design which also incorporates the rumored smaller dock connector. It also shows the revised speaker and microphone grilles. Apple also appears to be heading down the uni-body approach with the antenna and back parts of the device being made in one piece; this improves the strength of the device as well as using less parts, creating more space inside for components.

The headphone jack is again shown on the bottom of the device which is common on iPod touch devices where as previous iPhone models have always had the jack on the top of the device. The bottom position may make more sense and would avoid having a cable draped down the front of your device while your holding it. The final and probably most important change is the height of the device, again we see that it is definitely larger than the iPhone 4S so a bigger screen looks like a certainty if these leaks are correct.

As with all of these leaks, until Apple actually shows off the new iPhone, we are never exactly sure what it will look like. Having said that, these leaks do appear to be very consistent and could well be parts from the next iPhone.

Source: YouTube via 9to5 Mac