Alleged iPhone 5 screen protector shows a larger screen and home button

Unwire.HK has uncovered a few pictures today that are supposedly from a screen protector for the upcoming iPhone 5. The screen protector, if real, shows an elongated opening for the home button as well as a much larger screen size for the new iPhone model compared to the current iPhone 4.

We have seen quite a few case leaks recently which supposedly showed the rear of the iPhone 5 and a few months back there was an alleged iPhone 5 case which does appear to match up with this screen protector. It also showed an elongated opening for the home button which may be for a capacitive touch area rather than a physical button.

The screen size also appears to be larger when compared with an iPhone 4. It is believed however that all of these case and screen protector leaks are based on one particular source of design information; so they may all be wrong or of course, they may all be right. Until Apple announces the iPhone 5, we will just have to wait and see!

UPDATE: This post was originally published with the watermarks removed from the original images. That's simply not how TiPb does business. We'll figure out how it happened and make sure it doesn't happen again. Our apologies to, we deeply regret the error. (Thanks to for the head's up!)

[Unwire.HK via MacRumors]