Survey says 95% of developers full steam ahead on iOS 7 updates

This fall Apple will be releasing iOS 7, and with it, a whole new design language and feature set for developers to adjust to and pass along to the people using their apps. How many designers and developers plan to update, especially considering how few people seem willing to pay for updates? Hall of famer Craig Hockenberry of the Iconfactory was curious as well, so he put up a survey, and shared the results on Furbo:

An overwhelming number of developers are updating apps for iOS 7. Of 575 valid responses, 545 developers indicated that they were working on an update for iOS 7. That's an adoption rate of 95%!

Hockenberry also broke down how many developers plan on updating to iOS 7 and dropping support for older iOS versions, and how many plan on supporting both iOS 7 and iOS 6 and older. It's a small sampling and likely skews towards the more engaged, more dedicated developer community of which Hockenberry is part. But that that core community is engaged and energized, given the radical changes in iOS 7, is a great sign.

Previously, Hockenberry's partner and fellow hall of famer, Gedeon Maheux, wondered on Gedblog about whether or not customers would be willing to pay for all the work needed to update to iOS 7. So far, comments haven't been encouraging.

Check out the data, and let me know - will it matter to you if your favorite apps are updated to iOS 7 asap? How important is iOS 6 and older compatibility going to be to you come the fall? And what's the best way for developers to get paid for the work all of this is going to entail?

Source: Furbo