Swiss Alp Watch

Swiss watchmaker H Moser & Cie has come up with a new wearable called the Swiss Alp Watch. Now, this isn't a smartwatch, nor is it meant to directly compete against said connected hardware on a technical level, but it's a luxurious offering that screams a premium experience for those who only wish to tell the time. Better yet, the Swiss company takes a stylish dig at manufacturers who have produced smartwatches, believing the mechanical will still stand the test of time.

Here's the official unveiling video, which should come across as being rather similar to those of Apple. Not to mention the overall design of the Swiss Alp Watch, resembling that of the Apple Watch.

No phone. No messaging. No sketches. No heartbeat. No upgrade required.

The focus is on what sets apart a mechanical watch from a smart, connected wearable. It tells the time. There are no apps. There's no need to charge the product each night and you'll not be bugged by vibrating notifications and other distracting interferences while attempting to socialize with others. Also, the Swiss Alp Watch is definitely a collector's piece, priced at $24,900.

And if you required more evidence as to who the video was targeting, wait until the very end where there's the sound of someone munching on an Apple.

Source: H Moser & Cie