Would you switch from AT&T to a Verizon iPhone 4 if such a mythical beastie ever proves real? You'd gain a different network footprint, which could provide better voice and data coverage in your area, but you'd also lose simultaneous voice and data as EVDO Rev A currently can't walk and chew that gum at the same time.

You'd also trade AT&T customer service for Verizon customer service, which could be good or bad depending on your experience. Likewise, while AT&T has received tons of flack for their network, they've also had 3+ years of experience handling massive amounts of iPhone traffic, something Verizon may also struggle with.

We've already asked if Verizon Droid owners would switch to a Verizon iPhone, so fair's fair, if you're an AT&T iPhone owner, would you switch to Verizon iPhone? Simple answer in the poll up top, and tell us why or why not in the comments.