Lee Williams, executive director at Symbian, sits down with GigaOM's Om Malik, and gets candid -- really candid -- about Apple and Google:

“Android is building a perfect storm of fragmentation. I don’t view Apple as evil, just greedy. Google … Come on.”

He claims his opinion is informed by his conversations with large carriers who complain that they have to provide Apple App Store apps to iPhone users yet derive no income from them (we'd point out they made money off the data plans -- dumb pipes!), and that Google is taking away their customer interface, "cookie-ing" them (tracking their online activities) via proprietary apps obscured in lip service to "openness" and using that to feed their advertising business.

When asked why companies like HTC, if they know Google is "evil", aren't investing in Symbian instead, Williams advises Om to "wait and see", and thinks those manufacturers might be interested in "very open systems."

While offering no advice to Apple, he does invite Google to join the Symbian foundation so they can have a voice in that open system. Somehow we doubt he'll see them take up that offer any time soon.

Harsh words for competitors, but also strangely refreshing to see on camera. As to the iPhone, is the carrier beef legitimate? Should they be getting a cut of App Store profits, or should they be happy with the huge increase in data revenue the iPhone is already bringing them?