Tomorrow at their annual special music event, Apple might announce a new version of iTunes (iTunes X?) -- maybe with $0.99 TV rentals or streaming cloud music -- and thinking about that made me realize I hardly if ever sync my iPhone with iTunes anymore.

Just before iPhone 4 came out the Apple Store swapped out my 3GS due to cracks along the dock that had been preventing me from syncing. Because I couldn't sync, I'd been downloading apps directly onto my iPhone, streaming podcasts via the iTunes app (iOS 4 made that rock solid), and otherwise existing pretty much entirely from the cloud.

When I got my replacement iPhone 3GS, I just stuck in my MobileMe, Exchange, and Google logins and all my personal and work data started syncing over the air (OTA). I re-downloaded the few apps I use regularly -- Twitter, RSS, online file storage, password management, etc. and I was fully operational before I left the store. (Though, yes, they did have to tether it to iTunes in the Apple Store to activate it, and if not I would have had to do so when I got home.)

When I got my iPhone 4, same thing.

Now I do sync my iPad to iTunes a lot and I have way more apps -- especially games -- on my iPad than I do on my iPhone. The introduction of iPad and iOS 4 for iPhone, however, let me change my habits enough that my iPhone is now pretty much iTunes free. I can't remember the last time I synced (probably for iOS 4.0.2 and it annoyed me when iTunes pulled off apps I'd re-downloaded because they weren't checked off on the desktop side -- can't we do a sync for most recent changes on that?)

How about you, do you still regularly sync your iPhone with iTunes? As much as you used to? Why or why not?