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Eyefi has introduced a new cloud service to complement their Wi-Fi-enabled SD memory cards for photographers. Eyefi Cloud provides a polished dedicated interface through new Android and iOS apps for users to view their photos at full resolution, add tags, organize into collections, and sync collections with other devices. The new service will run you $49 for a year of unlimited uploads, plus a free three months when you first download the app. Unfortunately the new app only plays nice with the Eyefi Mobi card for direct camera-to-phone downloads. Anyone with an older card will have to stick with Eyefi’s existing app.

Eyefi has previously offered online backup for SLR photos, but it was limited in scope and function. This upgrade adds the whole gamut of features that puts it on par with just about any independent online photo service. That said, Eyefi already offers automatic uploads to Flickr, which is great considering you can get a terabyte of storage for free there.

I’ve been using Eyefi for years now and can vouch for its usefulness in an everyday capacity. Even if you don’t whip out the dedicated camera hardware all that often, the mobile app provides a new alternative to the popular photo backup solutions offered by Dropbox and Google+.

For more information, visit Eyefi Cloud’s landing page. Anybody interested? How many of you guys are already using an Eyefi card? Which service do you use to back up your photos?

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Source: Eyefi

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