T-Mo CEO: 'No strings' on 200 MB iPad deal; 0 surcharge was a mistake

T-Mobile is carrying the iPad for the first time with the release of the new iPad Air, and the company is offering a unique enticement: 200 MB of free data every month. People trying to take advantage of the deal on Friday ran into a stumbling block, however: a $10 charge per month surcharge. The CEO now says that's wrong.

"The $10 per mo./fee written about today is incorrect. We had an executional mistake that we will make right," tweeted T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Friday. Shortly after, he added, "Yes. Everyone gets the 200MB of free data. No exceptions. No strings attached."

In addition to 200 MB of free data, T-Mobile is offering customers who only plan to use their cell-equipped iPads occasionally on demand service, in the form of daily 500 MB or weekly unlimited plans. The company's metered monthly plans start at $20 for 500 MB per month.

Check T-Mobile's coverage map for details about the company's 4G LTE coverage in your area.

Are you interested in getting an iPad on T-Mobile? Is their coverage good enough in your area? Sound off in the comments.

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