Speedtest.net app

T-Mobile's Uncarrier 6.0 announcement brought "Music Freedom" to the carrier, giving unlimited streaming at no cost, and now T-Mo is doing us another favor and making Speedtest data not count against your data allowance either. Following some detective work, T-Mobile has confirmed that data used by the Speedtest.net app — and other similar apps — will no longer count towards your full-speed data allowance. From T-mobile:

"The Ookla Speedtest.net application is designed to measure true network speed--not show that a customer has exceeded their high-speed data bucket. Other speed test providers are also whitelisted."

That means customers can run as many speed tests as they want on the T-Mobile network, and reserve their often-limited high-speed data for other apps and services. Just another way the carrier continues to flex its network capacity muscle.

With moves like this that barely take up any data in the grand scheme of things but are big customer-facing winners, we can't blame them for wanting to whitelist some data traffic from going against your cap. The upside for T-Mobile is even more customers showing off their network speeds through the Speedtest app without worry that it will push them closer to their limited allowance of high-speed data.

Source: FierceWireless