T-Mobile plans to complete 4G LTE transition by mid-2015

It was one year ago that T-Mobile USA (coverage map here) began to transition its mobile phone network to LTE. Now the company has announced a major network transition as it continues that effort by upgrading its older, slower 2G/EDGE network with 4G LTE coverage as well. T-Mobile expects to be 50 percent complete with that transition by the end of 2014, with the the program expected to be "substantially complete" by the middle of next year. T-Mobile:

The upgrade will provide customers who currently experience 2G/EDGE coverage new access to 4G LTE, and many already covered by 4G LTE will enjoy access to 4G LTE in even more places. In addition, T-Mobile plans to begin deploying 4G LTE this year in the new 700 MHz A-Block spectrum the company is in the process of acquiring.

T-Mobile announced plans to buy wireless spectrum from rival Verizon in a multi-billion dollar deal announced in January. That 700 MHz spectrum will enable T-Mobile to expand its nationwide footprint even further, though it will be temporarily hamstrung in some major urban area "exclusion zones" until 2015, when the FCC auctions additional spectrum in the 600 MHz band.

Is T-Mobile moving fast enough? Has their "Uncarrier" program caused you to switch, or are you still on the fence? Let me know what you think.

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