T-Mobile has released their Q1 2013 earnings report, and it shows good news for the carrier on the iPhone front. The iPhone 5 only launched officially on April 12, yet T-Mobile reports that they have sold around 500,000 units to new and existing customers. Perhaps coincidentally, they're also reporting an uptake in net customer additions for the quarter, standing at 576,000.

Considering we're half way through a release cycle, the numbers also show us that consumer desire for the iPhone 5 still remains pretty high. T-Mobile already had a sizeable base of iPhone customers who brought their own devices to them, and with the launch of their LTE network they'll surely be hoping that the iPhone 5 continues to post good sales numbers for them.

Also in the quarter, T-Mobile launched their new, subscription based T-Mobile TV application for iPhone, as well as finalizing the merger with Metro PCS. This all comes on the back of their dramatic "UN-Carrier" rebranding and the move away from contract plans.

When Leanna reviewed the T-Mobile iPhone 5, she found a mixed bag when it came to data speeds. LTE was good, but Edge was definitely not so good. Otherwise, it's the exact same iPhone 5 we've come to know and love. While they've no doubts sold a fair few in the last few weeks, how many of you picked one up? How happy are you with it on T-Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: T-Mobile

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