The deal was announced as a Mother's Day promotion by T-Mobile and works with any iPad cellular model. If you buy the tablet with the Equipment Installment Plan and also sign up and maintain a 1GB or higher Simple Choice Mobile Internet plan for the next 24 months. T-Mobile will give you a $5.50 "iPad Promotion 2015" credit on your bill every month.

So what does that mean? If you wanted a 16GB iPad Air 2 with both Wi-Fi and cellular data, you would normally pay a total of $629.76 under T-Mobile's 24-month Equipment Installment Plan. With the $5.50 a month promo credit on the bill, that iPad Air 2's cost will be cut down to just $497.76. T-Mobile says this is a "limited time" promotion but did not offer a specific date for when it will end.

Source: T-Mobile; Via: TmoNews

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