Following a successful Kickstarter campaign from last year, Tado has launched a new product called Smart AC Control that turns your old air conditioning unit into a smart device. The Smart AC Control connects with existing remote-controlled air conditioners via infrared, and allows users to control various settings through a connected companion app from wherever they may be.

One of the cooler (pun intended) features of the Smart AC Control is that it can automatically adjust the temperature based on your location. For example, you can set the device up to switch the AC off when you leave your home. Then, when the connected app detects that you're on your way home, it can start pre-cooling your house automatically.

On top of that, the Smart AC Control packs a number of sensors for temperature, humidity, light, noise and motion. While not all of those are in use at the moment, Tado says it's a bit of future-proofing that will allow the company to add features in the future.

If you're interested, the Tado Smart AC Control is available now for $199 from the company's website.

Buy Tado Smart AC Control ($199)

Source: Tado