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2012 Gift Guides

The best iPhone, iPad, and Apple gifts of 2012

Over the last few weeks iMore has compiled the absolute best, most interesting, most enjoyable, most fun, most fantastic gifts for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple, and gadget aficionados, and fans of the finer things alike. Whether you're still doing some last minute shopping, waiting for the New Year sales, or just need a great gift idea any time of the year, here are your go-to devices, apps, accessories, and all-around awesome stuff.

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Last minute gift ideas: 2012 holiday guide

There's only few more days left before Christmas and many of you may have hit extreme stress and panic mode with the realization that you haven't finished shopping for gifts (or perhaps even started). If that's you, sit back, take a deep breath, and relax knowing that you don't even need to leave the comfort of your couch to finish up your shopping. You can check off the remaining people on your list by shopping directly from your iPhone and iPad. No time left for shipping? No problem! Our list is filled with ideas that can be delivered to your friends and loved ones electronically!

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iPhone and iPad gifts for gamers: 2012 holiday guide

Hopefully at this point, you've done most of your holiday shopping. Let’s say you felt really generous this year and bought a youngster (or someone young at heart) an iPad. It’s nice that it’s a completely clean slate, ready for them to make their own, but to personalize the gift yourself, you might be loading it up with pictures, music, and apps. This is a great way to get folks excited about their shiny new toy, not to mention adding that personal touch. Here are a few of the iconic, recognizable, essential games and accessories that you should be sure to include on any new iOS device that you’re giving away during the holidays.

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Simon’s gift picks: 2012 holiday guide

So, I’ve been drooling over connected home gadgets for the last couple of months. Now that the holidays are here, I can hold my love of friends and family hostage until they buy me these expensive presents, instead of just forlornly posting them to Pinterest. I kid! I would just as soon buy any of these for my parents if I had any inkling that they would actually use them. That said, if you've been having trouble finding a present for that someone who seems to have every techno-doodad on the planet, I think you'll find some helpful suggestions in this wishlist.

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iPhone and iPad gifts for students: 2012 holiday guide

If you know or are the parent of an iPhone or iPad-loving student who's on your holiday gift list, the good news is that there are tons of great accessories and apps that will make excellent gifts for any student.

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iMore show 329: 2012 iPhone and iPad gift guide


Rene and Georgia share their favorite iPhone, iPad, and Apple gifts for the holidays, including iOS and Mac devices, accessories, and apps. This is the iMore show!

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Chris Parsons' gift picks: 2012 holiday guide

This season everyone here at iMore has been asked to share some of their favorite gift ideas. Now, given I don't write here on iMore as much as some of the others, you all may not know that I'm a rather huge retro gaming and cartoon fan. Luckily, it's a great time to be one thanks to the mixture of revitalized interest and technology. If you have someone in your life that is like me, take a look at my picks below for some great ideas they may like this holiday season.

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Gifts for iPhone lovers: 2012 holiday guide

If the special someone(s) on your holiday gift list already have iPhones, and love them, and are looking to get even more out of them, you're all in luck. There's an embarrassment of great apps, accessories, and content that make the iPhone ever so much more functional, and more fun. Here are some of our favorites.

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Gifts for iPhone photographers: 2012 holiday guide

The iPhone is equipped with an excellent camera that has the effect of turning people into photography enthusiasts and iPhone photographers known as "iPhoneographers". If you know one such person, the good news is that there are tons of great products available that your photography-loving friend or family member will be thrilled to receive as a gift this holiday season.

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Georgia's gift picks: 2012 holiday guide

This season everyone here at iMore has been asked to share some of their favorite gift ideas. Now, much as I love all my Apple products, and I'll certainly be picking some below, I also less than three a lot of other nerdy, geeky, stuff, so I have a range of picks for you, as always. Whether they're for friends and family, that special someone, or a gift for yourself, I hope you enjoy!

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