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AL13 aerospace grade aluminum bumper arrives on Kickstarter, protect your iPhone without spoiling its looks

We have seen many different bumper designs for the iPhone but we have never seen one as thin and simplistic as this one. The AL13 is currently seeking pledges on Kickstarter and looks to offer protection for your iPhone without adding much bulk or spoiling its beautiful design either.

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Aluminum choice being blamed for delays with iPhone 5 availability

The decision to go with aluminum in the latest iPhone 5 is now being blamed for the poor availability and shipping times. The iPhone 5 has been on sale for just over two weeks now and Apple is still quoting availability for new devices at the time of writing of 3-4 weeks. According to a report by Bloomberg, the reason for the slow availability is all down to quality control problems with the aluminum used in the banding around the iPhone 5 and the back cover.

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Rumor: Completely redesigned iPhone coming in fall of 2012

BRG say they have confirmation from sources close to Apple that the next iPhone will be released in the fall of 2012, bringing in a completely new design with an iPhone 3GS-like bezel and all-aluminium back.

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iPhone 5 set to abandon glass back in favor of aluminum?

According to a translated Chinese source (I know, a little sketchy to say the least) the iPhone 5 will revert to an aluminum back panel, in place of the latest generation's entire glass affair. The picture above is a concept however we would expect Apple to also provide a flash for the camera!

The source claims that Apple will dump the glass panel due to problems with scratching, breaking and the weight of the panel. The iPhone 5 is claimed to more resemble the latest iPod touch design. The original iPhone also had an aluminum rear panel and many still believe this model had the best build quality.

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Future iPads to use light, flexible "knitted" material? [Patent watch]

Another interesting Apple patent has made its way out of Cupertino, this one explaining a process in which Apple would use new "knitting technology" to create a flexible material for use in iPads and other products. The material could be made from not only metal fibers but glass fibers or other types of materials as well.

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Reuters: Aluminum iTablet/iSlate Set for Q2 Launch?

Hey, wow, look here -- more Apple iTablet/iSlate rumors, and this time they're bringing aluminum (unibody?) casing rumors along for the wild ride:

Suppliers for Apple Inc's new tablet computer have begun shipping touchscreen panels and will start delivering aluminum casings for it next month, sources said, implying a second-quarter product launch.

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Patent Watch: Apple Dreaming of Aluminum Unibody iPhones?

MacNN has unearthed an Apple patent that shows the concept of aluminum unibody design, first displayed in the current MacBook line, applied to iPods and even -- potentially -- the iPhone.

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