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How to update apps you didn't download from the Mac App store

Learn how you can keep the apps on your Mac up-to-date, even if you didn't download them from the Mac App Store.

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How to delete apps from your Mac

Learn how to get rid of those apps that are cluttering up your Mac.

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How to fix iPhone and iPad apps that hang up while downloading

Trying to install an App Store app that just doesn't want to finish downloading? Or perhaps you just finished restoring from an iCloud backup and certain apps seem to never finish downloading. Regardless why an app is frozen on your iPhone or iPad, we get help you get those stuck apps unstuck!

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Daily Tip: How to kill background apps in iOS 5

iPhone or iPad feeling kind of sluggish or an app freezing up on you and wondering how to manually force-quit multitasking apps to free up memory? iOS 5 does a great job automatically pausing or killing background tasks, but once and a while a big game, rogue process, or similar situation can drain resources or tie up memory. Luckily, iOS 5 makes it easy to quit these apps any time you like.

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Daily Tip: How to download previously purchased apps, songs, and books in iTunes

Heard about Apple's iCloud beta and wondering how you can use it to download all your previously purchased apps, songs, and books in iTunes? Well you're in luck, because with iTunes 10.3, it's easy (although music is currently limited to US users only. Sigh.) Read on to find out how, after the break.

[Inside iTunes]

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Daily Tip: How to manage your app notifications

<img src="/sites/" alt="Daily Tip: How to manage your app notifications" title="Daily Tip: How to manage your app notifications width="266" height="400" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-53450" />

Not getting alerted to a new Facebook message or Twitter DM on your iPhone or iPad and wish you were, or getting too many alerts and wishing you knew how to turn them off? Worry not, Apple has built in a system to manage your App Store app notifications and we'll show you how to turn them on or off, and choose just which kinds of alerts -- sound, popup or badge -- you want for each one... after the break!

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Daily Tip: How to turn off Locations Services for iPhone, iPad

Paranoid about your location being known and curious how to turn off any iPhone tracking that might be going on?Location Services can be a really nice feature to have when you want to geotag a photo, checkin to a game, use turn-by-turn navigation, or find a nearby restaurant. Privacy, however, is a really important issue and sometimes it is better to switch this service off just in case. This can be done very easily, you can turn off all Location Services completely or choose which applications can access them.  It is very simple to do and we show you how, after the break!

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Daily Tip: How to set up Skype to become your home iPhone, iPad security camera

Have you ever been out and about with your iPhone or iPad and wished you knew how to just press a button and get a video view of your home? Sure there are home security solutions that can do this -- for a lot of money. But how about on the cheap? Well, if you have an iPhone or iPad 3G and Skype, you can. We'll show you how after the break!

[Thanks to Mickey Papillon for this ninja-level tip!]

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Daily Tip: How to stop an app download/install iOS 4.3

Started downloading a big game or navigation app and need to stop the install and delete the app? If you're running the new iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad you've now got the ability to do just that. Sure you could always pause a download and you still can but sometimes you might just want the app gone, gone, gone. We'll show you how to do it after the break!

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Daily tip: how to create HTML rich e-mail on your iPhone using Markdown Mail

Curious how to create rich, HTML email iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? iOS may show you fancy emails but it doesn't natively support creating them. However, there are tons of apps available that allow you to do so. Which one you choose is really a matter of preference. I've tried a couple and found Markdown Mail to be my personal favorite. Obviously you'll have to learn markdown if you don't already but I promise, it's dead simple. There's even a link in-app to a help page with all the syntax. Jump through to see how using Markdown Mail (or any other HTML e-mail app) can allow you to create HTML rich e-mails.

[$3.99 - iTunes Link]

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