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Apple announces location sharing app, Family and Friends

During Apple's Let's talk iPhone event, Apple announced their new location sharing app, Family and Friends.

With Family and Friends, you can share you location with other iOS 5 users. You can set the sharing time to be temporary and the location sharing will stop automatically at the end of the day. It also comes with simple privacy controls and parental restrictions.

During the Keynote, Eddie Cue used an example of using Family and Friends while at Disneyland as a way to keep track of everyone in your group.

Who's excited to start stalking sharing your location? Anyone planning to use this as a method of keeping track of your kids?

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Apple announces card printing app, Cards for iPhone

During Apple's Let's talk iPhone event, Apple announced their newest app, Cards. With Cards, users can create and order printed cards directly from their iPhone.

The cards will be made from 100% cotton paper, stamped with Apple-designed postage, and you will receive a push notification when the USPS delivery is complete.

The price of the cards will be $2.99 in the US and $4.99 everywhere else.

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App Giveaway: iMovie for iPhone and iPad

In celebration of our new Photography and Video forum, TiPb is gifting 5 copies of Apple's iMovie for iPhone and iPad!

For a chance to win, head on over the forums and leave a comment telling us why you want to win a copy. Do you want to be able to quickly create home videos of your family? Or do you have an epic movie planned out? Let us know and...

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iBooks update brings 'read-aloud' feature

iBooks for iPhone and iPad has been updated to 1.3 and includes new read-aloud feature that reads the book to you. It's only available for "enhanced" books and some books will even highlight the words as they are read to you.

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Apple Store app updated [Update: US and Europe only]

Apple's Apple Store app has been updated to version 1.3 and brings with it some new features... even if it's still iPhone only.

  • Enhanced in-store mode lets you get help and support quickly when you're at an Apple Retail Store.
  • The ability to custom-configure a new Mac with the options you want.

Unfortunately, they didn't update the icon. Let's hope a universal version is on its way. More screenshots after the break, and if you customize yourself a new Mac with the Apple Store app, let us know how it works for you.

UPDATE: It's showing up in the UK app store now, so it look like it is rolling out internationally.

UDPATE 2: We reached out to Apple PR and they told us it's US and EU only for now, more precisely:

Yesterday we updated the US version and launched the app in Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland).

So those of us in Canada

[Free - iTunes link]

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Apple releases iAd Gallery app for iPhone

If you were hoping Apple's next iPhone and iPod touch app would be an iAd Gallery -- as opposed to say iWork for iPhone! -- you're in for a treat because that's exactly what they released today!

The iAd Gallery is a celebration of advertising, featuring iAd campaigns from some of the world's best brands and their advertising agencies. The iAd Gallery gives you easy access to a selection of the fun and informative ads that have run in some of your favorite apps. Use the Browse feature to discover ads you haven't seen, or to find those you want to see again. Even lets you tag your favorites to a Loved section that’s all your own.

Anyone super excited about this app?

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iBooks for iPad, iPhone to be updated with "Collections", printing, and PDF emailing?

According to some leaked screenshots and descriptions, Apple's iBooks app for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone will be getting an update in the near future that includes "collections", along with PDF printing and emailing.

Collections are similar to folders. You will be able to make groups of books and PDF's that are accessible via the new "collections" button as well as from your bookshelf. User-created collections are completely customizable, but the the two default collections, Books and PDF's, are not.

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iWork collection gets update

The three apps in Apple's iWork for iPad collection, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, received updates today. Common to all three is the following:

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MobileMe Gallery app updated for iOS 4, iPad, Retina Display

Apple has finally updated MobileMe Gallery to version 1.2 with support iOS 4 fast app switching, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 Retina Display, and made it a universal app for the iPad to boot!

And, like Remote app, all it took was Chad complaining for weeks and months on the podcast to do it! (Be afraid, Keynote Remote...!)

Also supported is the iOS-only ability to see friends' galleries even if you yourself don't have a MobileMe account. Nice.

Screen shots after the break. If you've tried out the new, improved, MobileMe Gallery app for iPhone or iPad, let us know if you liked it.

[iTunes link - thanks everyone who sent this in]

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Keynote, Numbers, Pages updated for iPad

Apple has released version 1.2 updates for their iWork touch suite -- Keynote, Numbers, and Pages for iPad. Microsoft Office export and MobileMe iDisk compatibility headline the new features. No word on AirPrint, of course, but knowing Apple they'll only pull that trigger once iOS 4.2 goes into general release and not a millisecond sooner (though we'd dearly love to be proven wrong on that).

For the full list, follow on after the break.

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