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Apple Vs Google

iPhone 4 vs Droid Incredible vs Android Evo 4G vs Nexus One tech specs

We've once again taken our good buddy Phil Nickinson's Android Central tech spec sheet featuring the Droid Incredible, Evo 4G, and Nexus One, and added in Apple's just-announced iPhone 4 and we gotta tell ya -- smartphones have never been this good. Everyone is firing on all cylinders these days and from the highly polished package that is Apple's latest iPhone 4 to the power and diversity of Google's Android platform, consumers are the true winners.

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Steve Jobs at D8 video: Google chose to compete against Apple

Steve Jobs doesn't see platform wars (maybe that's why they lost to Microsoft over PCs!), they just want to make the best products. Google has decided to compete with Apple. Apple took a tiny open source browser (he means KHTML/Konquerer) and made WebKit and left it open source, which is unusual for Apple. Now competitors use it too, WebKit is leading in mobile.

Nokia is still number one in smartphone, RIM number two. Apple still has Google services on iPhone and iPad. Just because they're competing with someone doesn't mean they have to be rude. (Wait, was that a zing at Adobe's ads or Google's I/O trash-talk... or both?)

Video after the break!

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Bing coming to iPhone search -- more crazy Microsoft rumors!

Multiple sources are claim Apple is either going to replace Google as default search with Bing in iPhone OS 4, or at least integrate Bing into the search picture.

Look, it's just over a week until WWDC 2010 and the rumors are just going to get crazier, okay? Apple and Google have been on increasingly shaky ground as of late, with some silly comments by Google during their I/O event probably not helping matters. Whether or not this proves to be true, or any of the parties chooses to comment or dispel the rumor like Microsoft did the Visual Studio for iPhone/iPad/Mac rumor from a couple days ago, we'll just have to wait and see.

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Can Apple afford to keep releasing only 1 new iPhone a year?

The pace of mobile is increasing and with new Google Android hero handsets dropping at an almost comedic every couple of months, can Apple afford to keep releasing only one new iPhone a year?

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If Google TV runs off iPad-like chipset, could Apple TV?

TiPb's wondered out loud before about the prospect of the Apple TV joining the iPhone OS family and providing a better overall package than the current no browser, no apps, no pretty much anything exciting product that hasn't seen a hardware update since... almost ever.

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Steve Jobs: "Not a chance" Android will surpass iPhone

Steve Jobs is once again putting finger to touchscreen to jot down tersely worded replies, this time on whether or not Google's Android will leap frog the iPhone and whether or not the WWDC 2010 keynote will bring the rain.

First question:

Are google taking the [p1$$]? I hope you have some good WWDC announcements to blow them out the water?

Jobs' answer:

You won't be disappointed.

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Google takes shots at Steve Jobs and Apple, forgets rubber and glue rule

Google used their Android 2.2 Froyo launch today to bring the fight squarely to Apple and Steve Jobs, saying in essence they created Android because they feared a future where one man (Steve Jobs) and one company (Apple) controlled the mobile space.

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Android 2.2 "Froyo" unveiling today - the competition

Google seems set to announce the next version of their Android operating system, deliciously dubbed Froyo (frozen yogurt) at the Google I/O conference today. Android Central's Phil Nickinson is at the conference and will be bringing us the action live and as it happens.

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Apple spends least on lobbying

Among large tech and communication companies, Apple looks to spend relatively little money -- and percentage of revenue -- lobbying Washington compared to say AT&T, Microsoft, Google, or Amazon.

That could mean they'd rather spend money on products than pet politicos, or that despite Adobe's complaint to the DoJ and FTC, they're not too worried about government intervention in any of their businesses at the moment.

Comcast and Google on the other hand...

[Business Insider]

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Regarding Android vs. iPhone market share

According to NPD, more smartphones were sold in the US that run Android than smartphones than run iPhone OS in Q1 2010. BlackBerry remains in the number one spot. According to NPD. Apple isn't a fan of the metrics being used:

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