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Bill Gates banks on Apple Pay to bring mobile payments mainstream

Former Microsoft chairman Bill Gates had a lot of positive things to say about Apple Pay and the potential Apple has to take mobile payments mainstream. Highlighting the security behind Apple Pay and the fact that you no longer need a physical credit card, Gates says that the standards-based approach Apple is using will help mobile payments gain critical mass.

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Bill Gates talks about his last visit with Steve Jobs, and a cancelled dinner!

Bill Gates was recently interviewed for television, and while the main focus was the work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the late Steve Jobs also got a mention. I don't want to spoil it for you, but in the clip above from CBS News' 60 Minutes, Gates emotionally talks about his last visit with Jobs, and how they talked about how education hasn't really been improved by technology yet.

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Bill Gates talks about relationship with Steve Jobs

During a recent ABC News interview, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates offered up some insight into his ongoing relationship and final conversations with Apple co-founder,Steve Jobs.

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No iPods, iPhones, or iPads cross the Bill Gates threshold

Melinda Gates has once again re-affirmed that no Apple product, no iPod, iPhone, or iPad, is welcome in her and husband Bill Gates' house. Last time she said she wouldn't mind an iPhone, of cthis time she stuck to sterner stuff:

Do you own an iPod, which is made by Apple?

No, I have a Zune.

What if one of your children says, “Mom, I have to have an iPod?”

I have gotten that argument — “You may have a Zune.”

Do you have an iPad?

Of course not.

Is it true that Bill works on an Apple laptop?

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iPhone made Bill Gates Say "Oh my God", iPad Makes Him Rehash iPod Dismissal

Of course if BNET asks Bill Gates about rival Steve Jobs' latest creation, the iPad, he'll have to dismiss it in public -- to do otherwise wouldn't be in service of Microsoft. What's more telling is his confession about the iPhone (infamously banned at his house) some three years later:

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Gates/Allchin Email: iTunes "Smoked" Microsoft, Caught them "Flat Footed"

Former Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates, and Windows Vista honcho, Bill Allchin, had an email exchange back in 2003 when Apple launched iTunes and were rather candid about how well Steve Jobs put it together, and how badly Microsoft was caught off guard.

Gates says Microsoft was caught "flat footed". He also praises Jobs and doubts the subscription model Microsoft now uses for the Zune HD:

Steve Jobs ability to focus in on a few things that count, get people who get user interface right and market things as revolutionary are amazing things.

[...] With the subscription who can promise you that the cool new stuff you want (or old stuff) will be there?

Allchin was much briefer:

  1. How did they get the music companies to go along?

  2. We were smoked.

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Monday Fun: iPhone Banned at the Gates'... but Melinda Might Want One?

Pulling from a Melinda Gates interview with Vogue (via Geeksugar), being married to Bill, who loves the power of software, isn't without its limitations:

There are very few things that are on the banned list in our household. But iPods and iPhones are two things we don't get for our kids [...] Every now and then I look at my friends and say 'Ooh, I wouldn't mind having that iPhone'

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