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US DoD rumored to be dumping BlackBerry and purchasing 650,000 Apple devices (updated)

The US Department of Defense is currently testing various Apple iOS devices and on completion of the tests is set to purchase 650,000 iOS devices. The news comes from Electronista who has a source familiar with the situation. The new devices are set to replace the existing older BlackBerry handsets that can’t run Blackberry 10 software.

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Iterate 42: Marcus Adolfsson, David Lunblad and CrackBerry 10

Marcus Adolfsson and David Lundblad of Mobile Nations join Seth and Rene to talk about the CrackBerry 10 redesign, building the Passport sign-in system, and developing the CB10 app for BlackBerry 10.

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Forums: BlackBerry 10, iOS 6.1.3, iOS 6 vs Jelly Bean, iMore for iPhone 2.0

Interested in iPhone, iPad, or Apple and looking to have some great conversations? Got a burning question or frustrating problem you just want help fixing? Already an expert and eager to share your knowledge? Well, all that and more is just waiting for you in the iMore forums.

Here are today's hot topics:

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BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins says iPhone is now dated and being left behind

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins claims that rapid advancements in the global smartphone market has left Apple trailing when it comes to innovation. Speaking exclusively to The Australian Financial Review ahead of the US launch of the new range of BlackBerry 10 handsets Mr Heins said last week’s launch of the Samsung S4, along with a wave of recent smartphone releases had reeled in the lead Apple used to hold in the market.

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BlackBerry Secure Work Space coming to iOS and Android

Blackberry recently previewed a service called Secure Work Space which aims to bring a BlackBerry Balance like feature to iOS and Android. Basically, you'll have secure applications for productivity apps such as email, calendar, and tasks. Employees that are part of a BYOD initiative would be able to have separate personal and business apps on one device if using Secure Work Space.

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First Look: BlackBerry 10 vs. iPhone 5

It's no secret to anyone interested in smartphones. For the past couple of years, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has had some issues keeping up with the likes of iOS and Android. Now though, it's the moment BlackBerry fans have been waiting for. Today marks the release of the all new BlackBerry 10 OS and to go along with it, the announcement of two brand new devices running that OS. The first device, a full touch screen experience called the BlackBerry Z10 will soon be hitting the market followed up later this year by a full QWERTY version dubbed the BlackBerry Q10.

The fearless leader of CrackBerry Nation, Kevin Michaluk, has had a BlackBerry 10 device in his hands for the past week and just attended the launch event in NYC, bringing iMore readers back a first look at the BlackBerry Z10 device. It's still too early to say if this will be a home run for RIM, but competition in this market is good and it helps keep things balanced. Check out the video above and let us know your thoughts on it all in the comments. If you want to see more, be sure to head on over to CrackBerry and read their full review.

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BlackBerry 10 launches today, makes iOS the oldest major operating system in mobile

BlackBerry is holding their BlackBerry 10 launch event today -- technically several events around the world -- and CrackBerry is live in both New York City and Toronto, and they'll be bringing you back everything you need to know. (Basically whether this'll be Rocky 3 for RIM... or Rocky 5.)

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Mercer Report mocks Apple share price, reverses BlackBerry's fortunes

Your daily dose of humor, courtesy of the Mercer Report . (Think something like Jon Stewart but with more u and eh.) It's easy to point out that Apple lost more money last week then several RIMs put together, but it's also undeniable that if you bought RIMM stock a while back, you'd be better off today than if you bought Apple stock.

And that should tell you just how totally insane the market it. Again.

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BES 10 now available for everyone who manages iOS and BlackBerry in Enterprise

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is now available for download, and in recognition of the BYOD -- bring your own device -- trend spearheaded by iPhones and iPads, BES 10 will let you manage Apple devices as well.

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iPhone 5 gets compared to upcoming BlackBerry 10 L-Series phone

The upcoming BlackBerry L-Series phone and its next-genertaion BlackBerry 10 operating system got caught on video this weekend, and of course that means it was shown off next to the iPhone 5.

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