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Rogers announces iPad 3G plans coming end of May

Hot on the heals of Apple's international iPad delay, Rogers in Canada also announces that they'll be providing iPad 3G pricing plans at the end of May. And that's pretty much verbatim:

Rogers today announced that it will offer iPad price plans for all models from the end of May in Canada.

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Canadian iPad Launching April 24, International and 3G Version Too? claims they've heard from a source with "close ties to the Apple Store" that the weekend of April 24 has been marked as a "black out" period, which means no vacations, which means they think iPad launch day in the Great White North.

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Slacker Personal Radio for iPhone Now Available in Canada

Slacker Personal Radio [Free - iTunes link] is now available in the Canadian App Store. While our friend's at got to enjoy the news a little sooner, thanks to Apple's currently speedier App approval process and iLounge's spot, TiPb didn't have to wait as long as we feared either.

As far as we know, this is the first streaming internet radio service available to Canadian iPhone users (blame our nightmarish licensing) and it includes some nice local content:

  • Canadian Rock
  • Canadian Country
  • Canadian Today's Hits

Slacker also tells TiPb that the 2.0 version is coming soon, and will provide station caching for iPhone and iPod touch. Can't. Wait.

Note: While the app is free for the first 30 days, a $5/month Slacker Plus subscription turns off the ads, turns on unlimited skips, and otherwise makes the service much more enjoyable and functional thereafter. More Plus features, after the break...

One small step for the internet, one giant leap for Canadian music.

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iPhone Going Virgin Mobile in Canada

While the US continues to enjoy one single iPhone carrier, Canada is about to welcome their 4th (or 5th if you count Rogers subsidiary Fido as a separate carrier), and that carrier is Virgin Mobile:

Virgin Mobile Canada will launch iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in Virgin Mobile Retail Stores and online in Canada in the coming months. For more information on iPhone, please visit.

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O2 UK to Start Unlocking iPhones Nov. 10. Rogers Canada -- Not.

Making good on their promise from a fe, O2 UK has launched a website where customers can get their iPhone's unlocked starting November 10, 2009. Here are the details:

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Bell Mobility Canada GSM/HSPA Network Goes Live, Brings iPhone With It!

Bell Mobility has just announced that their new GSM/HSPA network, shared with previously-CDMA frenemy Telus, has gone live! What does that mean? Yesterday, Rogers and their Fido subsidiary were the only place to go for Apple's iPhone (or a BlackBerry Bold if that's how you roll). Today -- technically as soon as Telus announces -- you have your choice of 3.5 carriers (Fido is still Rogers).

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iPhone on Telus Canada Come November 5

Telus looks to be launching the iPhone along with their new GSM/HSPA network on November 5, 2009, with BGR reporting pricing that's pretty much spot on standard:

same as it is for Rogers (and Bell, for that matter) with the 3G going for $99.99/$599.99 and the 16 and 32GB 3GS going for $199.99/$699.99 and $299.99/$799.99.

And Telus has dropped their presser to make it all nice and official like.

So, any Canadians been waiting for their iPhone on Telus?

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Google Street View Comes to Canada, Canadian iPhones

Google today flipped the switch on Google Street View for Canadians, making it available to Canadian iPhone users for the first time via the built-in Maps App. According to the CBC:

The service is now available in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Vancouver, Squamish, B.C., Whistler, B.C., Ottawa, Kitchener, Ont., and Waterloo, Ont.

Due to concerns brought by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, faces and license plates have been blurred out, and a method to request privacy-based image removal has been created.

So, Canadian readers, can you find your favorite local landmark on your iPhone now?

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Updated: Official: Bell Mobility and Telus (Canada) to Launch iPhone in November

Which Canadian Provider do You Want for Your iPhone?(polls)

Update: Telus is official too, here's their sign-up page for those who want more info.

Bell just went and made it official:

Bell and Apple have reached an agreement to bring iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS to Canada this November.

For US readers, this is sort of like Verizon and Sprint both announcing HS

So we ask you, our Canadian readers, will you stick with Rogers/Fido, or give Bell or Telus a whirl? Let us know!

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Bell and Telus to Launch the iPhone in Canada Next Month?

TiPb, among others, has been hearing rumors for months now that Bell and Telus' new GSM-based HSPA network would be up and running by November, and that the iPhone would follow along immediately there after. Nice to see some confirmation via Canadian stalwart, the Globe and Mail, however:

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