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BookBook wallet case for iPhone review

Twelve South's BookBook wallet case for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 looks, for all intents and purposes, like a gorgeous old leather-bound book. Like something out of a pulp-fiction library or fantasy role-playing game, magic bound within. And indeed there is! Open the BookBook up and your iPhone — and cards and cash — are safe and secure inside!

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Speck Smartshell for MacBook Pro review: Protects your laptop, looks great

You spend all that money on a shiny new MacBook Pro, but what about taking care of it when you take it out of the box? A clip-on case for a laptop is not something I've personally ever considered before, but since all manner of gadgets and gizmos go into my gear bag along with my MacBook Pro Retina, I'm terrified that one of these days something's going to dig a scratch into that gorgeous Aluminum body. And, since I already carry it in my gear bag, a sleeve or full on laptop carry bag didn't seem appropriate. The Speck SmartShell however, did.

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Belkin officially launches its Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad, thinnest keyboard case available

Belkin has officially announced the availability of is Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad. What’s so special about this case? Well Belkin claims that it is the thinnest keyboard case available for the iPad coming in at just 6.4mm. It has been manufactured from a revolutionary aluminium alloy and magnets and weighs in at just 17 ounces.

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Nuu MiniKey backlit keyboard case coming soon for iPhone 5

Nuu has announced that it will be launching its MiniKey keyboard case for the iPhone 5. The MiniKey keyboard case is basically a case with a slide out QWERTY keyboard aimed at iPhone users that type a lot of text on their device and would prefer a hardware keyboard to do it on.

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Purported iPad 5 case again points to iPad mini-like design

A photograph of a purported iPad 5 case has appeared, and it again points to a redesigned in the form of the iPad mini. The case was obtained by 9to5Mac, apparently from it's manufacturer, Minisuit. Back in January, iMore created a rendering based on what we'd learned about the iPad 5 and its iPad mini-like design, and shortly thereafter some unverified pictures emerged of a supposed iPad 5 back plate bearing a very similar design. Just over a week ago, iMore created another rendering based on more information about the iPad 5.

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mophie announces the juice pack helium for iPhone 5

For those whose iPhone batteries lived -- or died -- on the extra power provided by a mophie juice pack case, good news -- mophie has just announced the juice pack helium. Why helium? Because it's lighter than air, as in the previous generation juice pack air, of course. It's a 1500mAh battery, which will replenish an iPhone 5 up to 80%, but it's packed in a case that's svelter than ever before.

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Logitech announces Ultrathin Keyboard for the iPad Mini

Meet the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini, the little brother to the same keyboard/case combo we've enjoyed on the full-size iPad.

The Ultrathin Keyboard uses the same magnetic setup as a Smart Cover when serving as a case, providing a pretty significant shell over the iPad's display. Flip it over and slide the iPad into the groove and it becomes a Bluetooth keyboard. Obviously this one will be smaller than the full-size version, so we'll just have to see how much the difference cramps our style (and our typing). Logitech expects the Ultrathin Keyboard Mini to be available in the U.S. and Europe sometime this month. It'll retail for $79.99.

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Twelvesouth introduces the SurfacePad, a luxury leather cover for your iPhone

Well known high end Apple accessory manufacturer Twelvesouth has announced its latest accessory for the iPhone and it is something just that little bit different. Say hello to the “SurfacePad” which Twelvesouth is calling an ultra-slimluxury leather cover for the iPhone. Yep, it is not a case according to Twelvesouth, it’s a cover for those that like to keep their iPhone safe from life’s daily dangers while still allowing its beautiful design to shine through.

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FlipSide gaming case arrives on Kickstarter with claimed support from Apple

We have seen many gaming solutions for the iPhone come and go however this latest Kickstarter project may have a bit more to offer. The interesting part of this particular project is that the designer is working with iDevices who already has a relationship with Apple. Because of this, Apple has apparently agreed to support the device.

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Twelve South now offering its BookBook case for the iPad mini

Twelve South is now offering a version of its hugely popular BookBook case for the iPad mini. Twelve South already make this beautifully designed leather case for the 9.7-inch iPad, various iPhone models and now the iPad mini has been added to that list too.

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