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Apple Watch comes out on top in Consumer Reports' durability and usability gauntlet

The Apple Watch has been named the top smartwatch by Consumer Reports after rigorous testing against rival devices.

Consumer Reports, a publication noted for its rigorous testing of consumer products, has named the stainless steel Apple Watch as their top smartwatch.

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Consumer Reports doesn't recommend the Verizon iPhone 4 either

Consumer Reports appears to still be ranting about the reception issues on the iPhone 4, this time they're targeting the Verizon iPhone 4 and excluding it from their list of recommended smartphones.

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AT&T sends us tips for international traveling

iPhone users on AT&T received an email filled with tips on how to manage usage and save money while traveling internationally. With access to email, Visual Voicemail, safari and data using applications, it doesn't take much to rack up a very expensive bill while abroad. Instead of surprising you with a giant bill, AT&T has decided to give iPhone users some saving money strategies. Here they are:

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AT&T ranked worst carrier in the US by Consumer Reports

In a recent survey by Consumer Reports, AT&T ranked the worst in a whopping 8 out of 9 categories. The survey took into account the top four carriers - Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. it also looked at a few of the bigger regional carriers as well. Verizon came in at number one out of the four nationwide carriers. It only fell 2nd next to US Cellular.

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Consumer Reports tests, confirms iPhone 4 antenna problem in weak signal areas

Consumer Reports has run lab tests and confirmed what many real-world users likely already know -- in areas with weak signal, touching the iPhone 4 external antenna band at the bottom left side can cause a loss of voice and data connection.

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Consumer Reports: iPhone reception problems not unique, may not be serious

Consumer reports has posted up their thoughts on iPhone 4 and all the reception issues some users are experiencing. They start off by corroborating Apple's line that all phones, from smart to flip, suffer the same attenuation problems -- since they're all used by humans whose bodies are interfering bags of water.

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AT&T Ranks Dead Last in Customer Satisfaction in Consumer Reports Survey

It is safe to say that it will be a while before AT&T wins any awards for their customer satisfaction. AT&T has come in last place in a Consumer Reports mobile survey of customer service of all four major U.S. cell carriers.

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iPhone 3GS #1 in Consumer Reports New Smartphone Ratings

The latest piece of hardware to come out of Cupertino, Apple's iPhone 3GS, has claimed the honor of being ranked number 1 in Consumer Reports new smartphone ratings. Now does this come as a surprise to anyone? In all actuality, it was pretty close within the top 8 devices: (Device/Overall Score):

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