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Tom's Guide reviews U.S. carriers, finds T-Mobile to be the best all-around

Our pals at Tom's Guide have spent countless hours researching and testing to see how the US carriers compare to each other. The findings reveal that T-Mobile is the best all-around carrier, with Verizon coming in a close second.

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Cricket introduces three new payment plans, including a rent-to-own option

New payment plans from Cricket bring flexibility to how quickly you need to pay your new device off.

Cricket Wireless previously only offered a single off-contract price for devices, but they have just introduced three new payment plans which now bring different payment options to customers. Not everyone can go out and purchase a device off-contract, and Cricket's new plans make paying for your new device much easier.

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Indian carrier Reliance to provide free Twitter access throughout the Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is currently underway in Australia and New Zealand, and Indian carrier Reliance has announced today that it is partnering with Twitter to provide free access to the microblogging service to its customers for the duration of the event. If you're a Reliance subscriber, you can now browse the latest tweets from the Cricket World Cup on Twitter without incurring any data charges.

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Cricket bumps $40 base plan from 1GB of data to 2.5GB

AT&T's prepaid carrier Cricket is increasing the data allotment for all of their plans without making any changes to the pricing. It's a bit of a shake-up, offering one of the best data packages among prepaid carriers.

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Cricket raises data allotments for new and existing customers — get 10GB for just $55

U.S. prepaid carrier Cricket is, for a limited time, raising the roof on their data allotments. New customers that sign up between September 13 and an as-yet undetermined cut-off date will get anywhere from 500MB to 5GB more LTE data on their plan for the same amount. Existing customers will also get more data on their plans automatically, and they won't have to pay anything more for it.

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AT&T relaunches Cricket as nationwide brand with new smartphones, plans, and LTE

Two months after being snapped up by AT&T as part of the Leap Wireless acquisition, there's a new Cricket in town. The newly relaunched prepaid carrier service is being rolled together with AT&T's home-brewed AiO Wireless prepaid brand, and will eventually transition off Cricket's MVNO agreement with Sprint (that's an awkward position for AT&T, eh?) to devices that run on AT&T's own network.

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AT&T want to buy Leap Wireless, get all your Cricket iPhones

AT&T and Leap Wireless have announced their intention to get hitched, spectrum wise. $15 a share, cash, is the acquisition price, and AT&T will get the Cricket brand and customers along with it. AT&T, in a prepared statement, said:

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Cricket to offer pre-paid iPhone with unlimited voice, texts and data

Cricket Communications will become the first US carrier to offer the iPhone on a pre-paid plan starting on June 22; the offer will include both the iPhone 4 and the latest iPhone 4S.

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Could we get an iPhone nano like the Cricket Android Vitality?

The especially awesome Phil Nickinson from Android Central went hands on with the Android powered Samsung Vitality on Cricket, and I have to say I liked what he saw quite a bit -- namely:

As you'll see in the video above, Muve is an easy-to-use music service. But what really makes it shine is that Cricket's made the billing process as simple as can be. Actually, there is no billing. No per-song fee. You pay $65 a month for unlimited voice calls. And unlimited data. And unlimited Muve Music. And for our money, it doesn't get much better than that.

Now TiPb's heard going back to WWDC 2011 that Apple has an iPhone nano (or budget iPhone) type device pretty much done and ready to go, and TiPb's since heard that it may not be getting the traditional plans on traditional carriers either (or at least that we might be surprised where it ends up.)

A stripped down, low cost iPhone is one thing when it still requires $100+ on monthly voice and data charges, but a low cost iPhone with a low cost plan like $65 a month to go with it? Super. Sweet.

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