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The Daily going dark: News Corp stopping the digital presses on December 15

The Daily, the flagship magazine launched at a special event on February 2, 2011, is closing down on December 15, 2012, just shy of its second birthday. A bold attempt at embracing tablet-centric publishing with the support of Rupert Murdoch and Apple, News Corps announced the shut down as part of a large overall restructuring that will involve their news division keeping the name News Corps, their entertainment division splitting off under the name Fox Group, and Jesse Angelo, who was editor-in-chief of the Daily, will become published of the New York post.

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The Daily for iPhone review: now all the great content from The Daily is available on your iPhone

The Daily was the very first custom daily news app created for the iPad back in 2011, and now you can get all that great content on your iPhone. The Daily for iPhone is beautiful and extremely easy to use app for Newsstand -- no fluff or complicated UI's to distract from reading your news!

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iPad Live #42 - The Daily dilemma

Georgia, Chad, and Rene talk iOS 4.3, the Daily, Sony's Reader rejection, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, greenpois0n untethered iOS 4.2 Jailbreak, and more. This is iPad Live!

Complete show notes for the week in iPad after the break!

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Twitter for iPad dev fixes The Daily's UI in 2 hours

Developer Loren Brichter, best known for developing Tweetie as Atebits and now the official Twitter clients for iPhone, iPad, and Mac decided to spend an evening doing what News Corp didn't previous to launch -- fix The Daily's horribly implemented Carrousel UI.

Evening project - The Daily, less slow: 60 fps, full AA, physically correct reflections, (different stacking style).

Hopefully he shares his techniques with The Daily's development team but it just goes to once again show what a difference a great iOS developer can make, even against a huge (old) media empitre. Are you still using The Daily? Video after the break!

[@lorenb via Daring Fireball]

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Want to read The Daily but don't have an iPad? Try the web index!

programmer Andy Baio has put together a nice online index of each issue of The The Daily with links to every article for anyone who wants access to their content without using an iPad (or paying a subscription).ex page for easy browsing.

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The Daily subscription newspaper now available in App Store

Following the just-completed News Corp and Apple launch event, The Daily has gone live in the US App Store. An everyday newspaper focusing on a mix of editorial, news, and entertainment coverage it's goal is to provide the best in traditional content presented using the best in iPad video, image, internet, and multitouch technology. Highlights include 360 degree photos, animation, live social streams like celebrity Twitter feeds, and the ability to update during the day if events warrant.

Using Apple's new subscription service it will cost $0.99 a week or $39.99 a year.

And yeah, US only right now.

Anyone giving it a try? Anyone sold on a year's worth already? Anyone taking a pass? Let us know in the comments!

[Free with subscription - iTunes link]

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The Daily event meta live blog

The Daily Event

Apple and News Corp will be holding The Daily event today at 11am EST and we'll be following along, recapping the coverage and offering TiPb's unique color and commentary. We'll kick off a few minutes before the event. Join us!

The Daily Event live stream

Meanwhile, what do you expect? Any surprises?

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iPad Live #41: Iconic

Georgia, Chad, Rene and guest Marc Edwards of talk The Daily event announcement, iPad 2 Retina Display, is iPad a PC, PSP2, Microsoft's attack PPT, and Angry Birds Rio. This is iPad Live!

Complete show notes for the week in iPad after the break!

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News Corp and Apple holding "The Daily" iPad newspaper launch on Feb. 2nd

Both Apple and News Corp have sent out invitations to an event on February 2nd where News Corp Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch will be joined by Apple iTunes, App Store, and Internet VP Eddy Cue to launch "The Daily", the long-rumored iPad-only digital newspaper.

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iPad Live #39: Gesturifical!

Georgia, Rene, and Chad discuss a Verizon iPad, iPad 2 going Retina and Apple A5 rumors, iOS 4.3 beta walkthrough, The Daily, Google being kinda evil, and all the week's news. This is iPad Live!

Complete show notes for the week in iPad after the break!

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