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EA to launch new Minions mobile games starting this summer with Minions Paradise

Electronic Arts has signed a multi-title agreement with the movie animation studio Illumination Entertainment that will result in new mobile games based on their popular Minions characters.

The agreement will begin this summer with the launch of Minions Paradise. EA says it will work with team members at Illumination directly on the creation of these new mobile games.

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SimCity BuildIt could occupy your life when it comes to iPhone and iPad

Electronic Arts will bring the highly addictive SimCity game franchise to mobile devices when it releases SimCity BuildIt for the iPhone and iPad, along with Android devices, sometime "soon".

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EA slashes prices of popular titles by up to 90%

EA's running a massive sale which sees its most popular titles discounted by as much as 90 percent. The discounted titles include everything from board game apps, simulation and sports to the proverbial action games like Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Join us after the break for the full list of games discounted on the iTunes Store.

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At long last, SimCity can be played offline

EA has released SimCity Update 10, a new patch for the 2013 reboot of their popular city-building strategy game franchise. Update 10 finally brings offline play to the game, which heretofore has required a live Internet connection in order to work. The initial announcement came from the SimCity forums.

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SimCity to add offline mode, but why has it taken nearly a year?

EA's relaunch of the perennially popular SimCity brand last year met with a rocky start - the game was plagued with bugs on launch and the Mac version was delayed for months after the PC version's release. But one issue angered gamers more than any other: the requirement that the game maintain a persistent connection to its online servers. Necessary, the developer said, to keep the complex city simulation in sync. Turns out that's not true. Maxis, the game's developer, will finally support offline play for SimCity in a new patch, according to Maxis general manager Patrick Buechner, in a new blog post:

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Take a look at The Sims FreePlay's Teen and Mysterious Island updates

It’s been a while since we wrote about The Sims FreePlay, Electronic Arts’ mobile version of the hit life simulation series. Even still, the game is going strong. EA has released two major updates for FreePlay in the last two months: the Teen and Mysterious Island updates. Together, they add new quests, areas to visit, loads of items, and of course teenage Sims. We’ve put ample time in with both updates. Read on for full details on how The Sims FreePlay has grown!

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EA iPhone and iPad games go on sale for Memorial Day

Electronic Arts is worried you may not have enough to keep you busy over the long weekend and they're willing to put their iPhone and iPad apps where their concern is -- with a big holiday sale.

If there's any you recommend, and if you spot any other great weekend sales, let us know in the comments!

You can find EA full iTunes catalog at the link below. Full list of games on sale after the jump.

[iTunes link]

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EA releases Battlefield Bad Company 2, Mortal Kombat 3 for iPhone, SimCity Deluxe for iPad, puts 70 games on sale for $0.99!

Electronic Arts released new games this week including Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Ultimate Mortal Combat 3 for iPhone and SimCity Deluxe for iPad, and to celebrate the holiday season, they've put a ton of their iOS games one sale for $0.99. Yes, you heard that right, a TON of them (over 70 to be exact), even iPad!

Battlefield Bad Company 2:

Based on the bestselling console game from DICE, let the battle rage in the jungle, snow, and desert, in close-quarter combat, and in the air. Utilize intuitive controls as you destroy enemies with tanks and choppers in state-of the-art vehicular combat. Go all-out in full online multiplayer mode, and get a modern-warfare simulation for iPhone & iPod touch that’s second to none. [$0.99 on sale - iTunes link]

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3:

The original arcade fighting game is available NOW! With 13 klassic warriors including Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Sonya Blade; multiple game modes; kustomizable kontrols; and updated visuals aimed to maximize the high-resolution Retina Display...you can relive the brutal combos and vicious fatalities that made Mortal Kombat one of the most iconic videogames EVER! [$6.99 - iTunes link]

SimCity Deluxe for iPad:

Made for dedicated and casual players alike, let your inner urban planner run wild with the world’s favorite city building simulation. As Mayor and City Planner, take delight in the immersive visuals, the bigger display, and responsive touch controls – all designed just for the SimCity Deluxe experience on iPad! [$0.99 on sale - iTunes link]

So if there were some EA titles on your wish list that you were really hoping to pick up soon, now is the perfect time. Games such as Madden and Mirror's Edge for iPad are normally over $10 each on iPad, so these sale prices are ridiculously good. Even two new releases are on sale for $0.99 as well. Can't beat that! (Mortal Kombat will still set you back $6.99 though. Fatality!)

Video and screenshots after the break. Anyone planning on picking up some of these titles or gifting them to others? Let us know what you decide to purchase or gift in the comments!

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Massive EA iPhone games sale - $0.99 for 48 hours

Don't want to pay a lot for those EA (Electronic Arts) iPhone and iPad games? Well, you're in luck - a ton of them are on sale today for just $0.99. Not every game, mind you, but a lot. Here's the list:

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Nintendo and Sony Feeling iPhone Heat?

We have covered the iPhone and gaming from top to bottom here at TiPb. The iPhone still has a lot of catching up to do in terms of the quality of the games and you can also toss in the lack of physical controls as a huge negative. All that aside, for the most part we've felt that if Apple plays their cards correctly, they could be a major player in the handheld gaming wars alongside the likes of Nintendo and Sony.

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