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Apple's iPhone Ranked #1 in Mobile Web in Americas and Europe

AdMob released its latest report and it states the iPhone is the leading smartphone not only in the Americas, but in Europe as well. This news should really come to no surprise to any of our readers, and it's not the first signs of Apple's dominance in the smartphone world as we've reported its U.S. success of mobile web traffic previously. As you can see, the iPhone is annihilating the competition regarding mobile traffic in some major markets.


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UPDATED: European Union: One Phone Charger Shall Rule them All

UPDATE: Engadget is reporting micro-USB vs. the BBC's mini-USB. Also, that Apple, among others, is backing the standard.

We've discussed this before, but now it looks like Europe has gone ahead and done it. Mini-USB is going to be the "one size fits all" universal charging standard for phones. The caveat:

The deal isn't legally binding though and, at this stage, is only voluntary.

Translation: Apple's 30-pin dock connector likely isn't going any place, any time soon.

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Spy Shots! iPhone 3G S Landing Across the Pond

Fair warning, this post is only for the serious gadget-loving Euro-Apple-fanbois....

Looks like the US isn't the only country where iPhone 3G S is already burning lens flares into people's cameras. Here are some early arrival shots from our 007-type friends across the pond. Europeans, the iPhones 3G S have landed! The carriers have them, and soon... so shall you!

More shots after the break!

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Should the iPhone Have a Removable Battery? The EU Says Yes!

The European Union is known to be a little more hard core than North American regulators. Just ask Microsoft about their Windows monopoly fines, or Apple about iTunes pricing and DRM. Now, however, Apple Insider reports that the EU might just be getting ready to fire another shot across Apple's bow with a "New Batteries Directive" that says power cells must be "readily removable":

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Ireland & Austria: iPhone on Sale, Data Oh, Cap!

The iPhone has now successfully stormed the mobile markets of both the Emerald Isle and the birthplace of the Oak. For those keeping track at home, this brings the official score card to:

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iPhone Risk: T-Mobile to Launch in Austria Tomorrow?

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, ever since the 1.4 firmware dropped, complete with a carrier reference for T-Mobile in Austria, we've known who will carry Herr Jobs' miracle phone into its fifth European country. And now we know when!

Tomorrow, March 14th!

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Irish iPhones Now Crying? No Unlimited Data or Visual Voice Mail?

As posted (and updated) earlier, O2 has officially launched the iPhone in Ireland, making it the fifth country (after the US, UK, Germany, and France) to enjoy the revolutionary phone and breakthrough internet device... ish...

Apple Insider reports that Irish iPhone plans, unlike all previous iPhone plans DO NOT come with unlimited data or visual voicemail (a feature often touted by Steve Jobs as being a prime example of carrier cooperation and hence, the benefit of exclusivity).

There seems to be two options here:

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iPhone Risk: Irish iPhones Smiling March 14?

Current exclusive UK iPhone carrier O2 has apparently confirmed to Pocket-lint (via Engadget) that Apple's finest will be launching on Ireland's emerald shores come March 14th.

As with the UK, the device will sell via O2 Retail and Carphone Warehouse, cashing in at €399 (incl. VAT) for the 8GB or €499 (incl. VAT) for the 16GB, with rate plans starting at €45.

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iPhone in Europe

After a full weekend of the iPhone in Europe, how well has the iPhone been doing? Well, T-Mobile reported that they sold 10,000 iPhones on the first day. That's not too shabby; it's not an incredibly high number either, but it's not bad either.

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O2 Launch Imminent

There's a big line at the mothership Regent Street Apple Store in London. The line started forming yesterday, and though there hasn't been torrents of rain pouring down on the line waiters like there was in Germany, it's been fairly cold -- about 45° F. Still, the mood is chipper, and everyone is looking forward to getting their iPhone, and they'll only have to wait about 2.5 hours before the official launch at 6:02 London time.

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