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Facebook retires Poke and Camera for iPhone from App Store

Remember Facebook Poke and Facebook Camera? Don't worry, neither does Facebook. The company has pulled the two apps from the App Store. Facebook Camera was launched in May 2012, while Facebook Poke was launched in December that same year. Neither app came to gain widespread prominence, though they were notable for being the first standalone apps from Facebook.

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Facebook Pages Manager and Facebook Camera receive small updates, still no iPhone 5 support for Facebook Camera

Facebook has pushed out small updates to Facebook Pages Manager and Facebook Camera that include security, performance, and bug fixes as well as the ability to swipe to delete comments in Facebook Pages Manager. More notable than what's included in these updates, however, is what's not included -- iPhone 5 support in Facebook Camera.

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Facebook Camera for iPhone adds notifications and other improvements

Following the Facebook app's recent update to 5.0 with major speed improvements, the Facebook Camera for iPhone app has also received a significant amount of features to it's recent update. These features include notifications, better photo management, likes, and comments, and other UI improvements.

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Best free photography apps for iPhone

Looking for great photography apps for your iPhone or iPod touch? The App Store is home to over half a million apps and games, and a surprising number of them are available for free. Some of the most popular and most-used free apps are free photography apps -- to pair with the iPhone's superb camera.

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Facebook Camera for iPhone review

Facebook is the most popular photo sharing service on the web so it comes as no surprise that they released an app dedicated to the photo aspect of Facebook -- it's called Facebook Camera. With Facebook Camera, you can easily share multiple photos to Facebook, add filters to them, tag your friends, and view a newsfeed restricted just to photos posted by you and your friends. And, of course, you can also leave comments and likes on photos.

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Facebook releases Facebook Camera... with Instagram filters?

It's been about a week since Facebook released Facebook Pages Manager, and now Facebook has announced Facebook Camera -- an app dedicated to viewing and sharing photos to Facebook. The big talk on the internet, however, is that this app comes shortly after Facebook's acquisition of Instagram. This is particularly interesting because Facebook Camera allows you to add filters to your photos before uploading -- these filters are strikingly similar to Instagram's filers.

Let's take a look. Here's Facebook's Cream filter next to Instagram's Valencia filter.

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