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Facebook Pages Manager gets multiple photo uploads, events and more

Facebook has pushed out an update to their Pages Manager app for iPhone and iPad that brings a bunch of new features for page owners such as support for multiple photo uploads and the ability to create events hosted by your page.

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Facebook Pages Manager gets overhauled for speed, scrolling and stickers

Facebook has pushed out an update to their Pages Manager app for iOS, with the emphasis on a rebuild for speed. Facebook says that they have completely rebuilt the app for version 2.0 so that it is faster and easier to use, with much improved timeline scrolling.

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Facebook Pages Manager and Facebook Camera receive small updates, still no iPhone 5 support for Facebook Camera

Facebook has pushed out small updates to Facebook Pages Manager and Facebook Camera that include security, performance, and bug fixes as well as the ability to swipe to delete comments in Facebook Pages Manager. More notable than what's included in these updates, however, is what's not included -- iPhone 5 support in Facebook Camera.

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Facebook brings better messaging to Pages Manager and better photo support to Messenger

Facebook Pages Manager has been updated to let you view and reply to messages as well as have a little more control over notification. Facebook Messenger has also been updated and now gives more love to photos and lets you quickly switch between multiple conversations with in-app notifications.

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Facebook Pages Manager for iPhone hits the U.S. App Store

Last week, I reviewed the new Facebook Pages Manager for iPhone app, but the secret is that I actually downloaded it from the Canadian App Store because it wasn't yet available in the U.S. Well, I'm happy to report that Facebook Pages Manager is now available in the U.S. App Store. It popped up earlier today, but almost immediately disappeared, but it seems to be here for good this time.

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Facebook Pages Manager for iPhone review

Facebook for iPhone and iPad has a slew of problems, but now poor Pages management can be crossed off that list with the introduction of Facebook Pages Manager for iPhone. It's very similar to the normal Facebook app with the addition of being able to view insights about your page and manage admins.

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