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iTunes 10 Ping social music network gallery

iTunes 10 is slowly, painfully going live right now and if you manage to download it, you can set up Apple's new social music network, Ping. I've done that (you can find me here), and hooked it up with Facebook Connect, and...

Meh. Unless I'm missing something fairly major, it looks like only the Lady GaGa's of the world (i.e recording artists) can share status, pictures, and videos, and get comments. The rest of us can find and follow friends, share musical tastes and buy concert tickets, but not much else.

Anyone else trying it and liking it?

Gallery after the break!

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iPhone 4 dock

One of our readers let us know his Apple iPhone 4 dock arrived and sent along some pictures to show the still dock-less among us just what it looks like.

Check them out after the jump, and if you nabbed one as well, let us know how it's working for you.

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iPhone OS 4 beta 4: New wallpapers galore!

With iPhone OS 4 beta 4 Apple has brought over some of the iPad wallpapers and introduced a few new ones, all seemingly focused on livening up the home screen without being too visually distracting. Natural textures and muted patterns get an obvious focus here with stones, rocks, and textiles front and center.

And yes, you can still set backgrounds independently for the lock screen and home screen.

See TiPb's full iPhone OS 4 preview and fea

Gallery after the break!

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TiPb at Macworld 2010 -- Day 2 Gallery

TiPb has survived another fun day at Macworld 2010 and hosted many more interviews and snapped more photos for you to check out. We are sad our time at Macworld is over, but excited to share exciting things with you over the next weeks. Stay tuned!

Check out the photos after the break, including the Kai from Beejive, Ten 1 stylus for iPhone, mophie with Flow TV, Trexta iPhone cases, Brushes app, David from AppCubby, the Navigon crew, Jobby Gorillapod for iPhone, team TUAW streaming live, MusicSkins, Rogue Amoeba, Hypermac iPod and iPhone charger, Leanna and Rene saying goodbye for this year!

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TiPb at Macworld 2010 -- Day 1 Gallery

Rene and I are here at Macworld 2010 and having a blast wandering the Expo Hall. We've interviewed many developers and accessory manufactures and snapped some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Included below are the Microsoft Office for Mac mascots, Armpocket eco-friendly iPhone armbands, Richard Solo battery chargers, QuickOffice, the Smule Mule, Beejive, Flight Control, iTouch capacitive gloves, Blue Microphone Mikey for iPhone, NLU's iPad teaser and BodyGuardz, HP, Ten 1, and more!

Check them out after the break!

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Apple iPhone 3GS vs Google/HTC Android Nexus One -- Gallery

Dieter has his Google/HTC Android Nexus One here at CES, which means we grabbed it, put it next to our signature Apple iPhone 3GS, and took tons of pics.

First impressions: killer Google services. Killer. Solid hardware. Still Android OS 2.x, so while powerful and flexible, it hasn't reached the user experience level of the iPhone OS yet. Nor media, of course. And it's still not as fluid. On a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor. Really? But voice to search, launch, and type? Right back at killer.

Check out the pics after the break!

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CES Day 01 Gallery -- iPhone Accessories at iLounge Pavilion

The iPhone has made it's first big, official splash at CES 2010, courtesy of the iLounge Pavilion, set up by the fine folks at iLounge. I've only spent half a day walking around so far, but you can't throw an iPhone without hitting a major player at a big booth showing off some amazing new iPhone accessories.

Here's a quick rundown of what I've seen so far:

  • Etymotic, well known for their high-end in-ear headsets has incorporated the 3-button iPhone/iPod-style controller onto their cables giving you full volume, pause/play, etc. They're also offering an entry-level model without the same system, but with excellent sound quality.
  • HyperMac is offering a new external batteries with USB-out for iPhone.
  • ExtremeMac is doing a range of charging as well, lots of options.
  • Seidio is bringing the vibrant colored case love.
  • Case-mate is offering a design-it-yourself option for cases, also a no-squirt-liquid-required body skin, and Hug, a non-proprietary inductive charging solution where you can buy their case and pad, or from another member of the consortium so you can mix and match. Nissan cup holders will also support it!
  • Gelaskins is bringing in National Geographic and Marvel Comics licenses.
  • Music skins is bringing Beatles licenses.
  • Otterbox is offering lighter, but still armor-like solutions for those who want a little more convenience.
  • Incipio is going with multiple materials and bold designs.

ics after the break!

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Beyond iPhone: Apple TV 3.0 First Impressions and Screenshot Gallery

Apple TV 3.0 (or Apple TV 3, or Apple TV Take 3) is the just-released third version of Apple's and Steve Jobs' "hobby". And, for good or for ill, its latest feature-set seems designed to keep iTunes' living room gateway as niche as ever. That's not to say it isn't good, because it is (though it does have problems we'll get into below), but it's certainly not great. Not yet. And we're beginning to wonder if Apple (now or ever) even wants it to be?

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 1 Screenshot Gallery

We have been, and will continue, to cover specific features in their own posts, but for those of you -- like us -- just chomping at the bit for more iPhone 3.0 Beta 1 goodness, here are some preliminary screenshots to tide you over.

If you haven't already, check out our previous massive news roundup, and let us know what you want to know more about next!

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Macworld: Leo Laporte-Note Gallery!

See our live-to-text blog of Leo Laporte's Macworld 2009 address on New Media for all the details, but for the pictures, see just below the break!

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