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Win the iOS 6 device of your dreams from iMore! Enter now!

Let's keep this short and sweet -- iOS 6 is coming this fall and iMore wants to make sure you have the latest and greatest device(s) possible to load it on, so you get the absolute best experience possible. So we're giving you the chance to win the iOS 6 device(s) of your dreams!

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Enter now to win 1 of 8 FREE stylus pens from the iMore Store!

The always awesome iMore Accessory Store is giving away two (2) of each stylus pens to our equally awesome readers! That's eight (8) stylus pens total! Yeah. How can you win one of your very own?

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Want a chance to win 1 of 4 new iPads?

iMore has teamed up with the amazing folks at Scout to give away FOUR new iPads (with 16GB & WiFi) featuring Retina Display, iSight camera, & more! You can enter for your chance to win over one our iMore Facebook Page, and you can get more chances to win by sharing with your friends.

The contest starts now and ends May 21, 2012 at 11:59pm PDT so don't waste any time -- Enter now!

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iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 free color conversion giveaway winners!

It's time to pick our winners for our color conversion giveaway! Lots of you entered and had tons of awesome ideas on how you'd mix and match colors to personalize your iPhone. Unfortunately, we can only pick four winners, and they are....

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Want free accessories for your iPhone or iPad? Pin it to win it!

Share your favorite iPhone or iPad accessory on Pinterest for your chance to win!

The iMore Accessory Store has added a handy new "Pin it" feature, so you can share your favorite iPhone and iPad accessories quickly and easily on everyone's favorite new social pinboard, Pinterest. To test it out, have some fun, and frankly -- give the awesome members of the iMore nation some free stuff! -- we're going to hold a "pin it to win it!" contest.

It's simple to enter.

  1. Head on over to
  2. Find the accessory you love most
  3. Hit the Pin it button and share it to Pinterest

That's it! We'll pick a few of you and give you whatever you pinned!

And if you want to make extra sure we find you -- and you can find and share with each other -- swap your Pinterest ID in our Social Network Forum!

So what are you waiting for! Get with the pinning so you can get with the winning! Enter now!

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iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 FREE color conversion giveaway!

Have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and want to add a splash of color to it? We're giving away a total of four color swaps courtesy of PXLFIX! Mix and match colors however you'd like to create something that's totally unique.

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Win a FREE iPhone case with the iMore app!

While I just know every single member of the iMore nation went and downloaded the brand new iMore for iPhone app the instant it became available -- and rated it 5 stars in the App Store, right? -- we're so happy with our new baby we can't help but want to celebrate some more, and thank each and every one of you for simply being just so awesome. So here's what we're going to do -- we're going to give away some iPhone cases! I've reviewed a couple lately that I really liked, and I can't decide which one we should give away, so I'm going to let you choose!

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Make it easy for people to add you to their Contacts with ContactMonkey [$100 Giveaway]

Do you skip over adding someone to your contacts because you're too lazy to copy and paste their info from their email signature into a new contact? I do. All the time. But if you're a business person, the last thing you want is for people like me to leave you out of their address book -- that's where ContactMonkey comes in. ContactMonkey is a web service that creates a contact card for you that can be downloaded in 19 different formats for Mac, Windows, web, and mobile. It's simple, elegant, and free for individuals.

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Apple Begins Countdown to 25 billion App Downloads

The App Store has been around for nearly 4 years, and it is approaching 25 billion downloads. (That's 25,000,000,000!)

To celebrate, Apple is doing a countdown and giving away a US$10,000 (or equivalent) iTunes gift card to the person who downloads the 25 billionth app.

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Earloomz brings art to Bluetooth earpieces [Contest]

Choosing a Bluetooth earpiece can be difficult. You want one that will work seamlessly, as well as look good, and the options out there don't always combine those factors in an affordable package. Plus, who wants to have the same earpiece that everyone else has? The creative team behind Earloomz saw this challenge and rose to the occasion, designing a Bluetooth earpiece with style and functionality all wrapped up in one. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you're sure to find one that will suit your personality. Each image is mechanically painted onto the earpiece and finished with a moisture resistant coating, guaranteeing quality and durability.

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