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Corning's 'Project Phire' takes on sapphire with super scratch-resistant, durable displays

Though Apple's famously-rumored quest for sapphire screens didn't really pan out as predicted, it could soon have something equally scratch-resistant from Corning. The company announced today that it is working on a new type of glass for screens that is almost as scratch-resistant as sapphire, while retaining the durability of its Gorilla Glass.

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Dropping steel balls on Gorilla Glass 3

When it comes to chemically-hardened glass, we smartphone types are definitely fans. When it comes to making our glass-fronted smartphones more durable, Corning has always been at the forefront, and their latest revelation in the form of Gorilla Glass 3 will prove to be even more of a protective force between our LCDs and the harsh world we live in.

We dropped in on Corning to check out their new Gorilla Glass 3, and in their demonstrations it lived up to the pre-show announcement hype. Gorilla Glass 3 is tougher in all forms when compared to its competition and even its predecessor in the form of Gorilla Glass 2. It can withstand greater impact force, is harder to scratch, and can stand up to forces that are capable of denting equally-thick steel. It's tough stuff, folks.

Now, Apple has admitted to using Gorilla Glass in the iPhone, but as always, they never mention specifics. If we get an iPhone 5s sometime this year, what are the odds it'll be fronted by Gorilla Glass 3?

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Corning to show off even tougher Gorilla Glass 3 at CES 2013

This time last year we were in Las Vegas, checking out CES 2012 when Corning decided to show off Gorilla Glass 2 in their booth. The demo of the 20% stronger yet 20% thinner chemically-hardened glass was impressive, but they've got something even better in store for next week at CES 2013: Gorilla Glass 3. According to Engadget, version three of Gorilla Glass is touted to be three-times more scratch resistant over its predecessor, while also offering up forty percent fewer visible scratches. In other words, it's straight-up tougher to scratch.

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Apple screens, chipsets proudly made in the U.S.A.

As part of his D10 Conference interview last night, Apple CEO Tim Cook used the occasion to once again respond to critics of Apple's China policies and remind them key parts of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are in fact made in the U.S.A -- including the Corning Gorilla Glass screens and the Apple A4, Apple A5, and Apple A5X chipset "brains".

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Apple admits to using Corning glass for iPhone

Apple's just-posted job creation page actually says the iPhone uses Corning glass. It's been one of the worst kept secrets in mobile technology, with Apple never admitting to using it and Corning would never admitting to Apple using it. (We've asked them every year at CES and gotten nothing but nervous smiles and subject changes in return.) Former Apple employees have mentioned it, but there's been no official confirmation of it. Until now.

Corning employees in Kentucky and New York who create the majority of the glass for iPhone

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Former Apple manager tells how the original iPhone was developed, why it went with Gorilla Glass

Former Apple product manager, Bob Brochers, recently gave a lecture to students about how the original iPhone was realized by a small team of engineers that Steve Jobs put together. MacNN went over some of the talking points:

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Apple working on curved-glass display for the iPhone 6 in 2012?

Randomly accurate rumor site Digitimes is once again beating the drum on rumors they spurred up back in May about Apple prepping a curved-glass design across iOS devices including the iPhone 6 for 2012.

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Corning Gorilla Glass demo - TiPb at CES 2011

Chances are, even if it's not been confirmed and Corning is not allowed to disclose it, your phone or tablet device might just have a super tough Gorilla Glass screen. Ahem. So how tough is it? We caught up with the folks from Gorilla Glass live at CES 2011 and they gave us the full-on scratching, cracking, bending, breaking demo. (And as anyone who's ever dropped their iPhone or iPad knows, your heart breaks along with the glass.)

Check out the video above and let us know if it makes you feel any better about having glass on both sides of your iPhone 4...?

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iPhone 4 drop test

So you have your shiny new iPhone 4 and are wondering how sturdy the Gorilla Glass really is? Well, the people at iFixYouri have done yet another test and this time with a real, functioning iPhone 4 -- and they've captured it on video.

WIth a sunny Florida backdrop, they held the iPhone 4 at about 3 ft from the ground and dropped it at an angle. They choose to drop the iPhone 4 on concrete -- which is probably one of the rougher surfaces -- but did choose a spot that was devoid of pebbles and debris.

On the first drop, the iPhone 4 still functioned normally and only had some slight scratches on it. On the second drop, the iPhone 4 was more scratched and no longer turned on (which may be a greater cause for concern than the glass breaking or chipping). The third drop gave the phone a chip on the edge. It was on the fourth drop that the iPhone 4 screen completely cracked.

Depending on your point of view, this may show great durability or perhaps shockingly weak performance. I was quite saddened by the lack of durability and scratch-resistance. I would have at least expected the iPhone 4's Gorilla Glass to endure a good 10 drops at 3 feet without shattering. What do you think?

Video after the break. (Warning: Extreme iPhone brutality. May be extremely painful for those who do not yet have the iPhone 4 -- like me.)

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