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TiPb Apps 6.3: AllSport for iPhone (CTIA 2010)

Some of us recently realized there's a whole world out there, and perhaps it'd be a good idea to visit it once in a while, and an even better idea to (gulp) exercise in it.

And so, we hug out for a few minutes at CTIA 2010 with the folks from Trimble Outdoors and their AllSport GPS app, which comes in a free, ad-supported version [iTunes Store link] and a full, $4.99 version that adds a few additional features [App Store link]. It's kind of your standard GPS trip app, but it's for athletes and out-of-shape bloggers of any age. Pick your activity, hit the start button, and it tracks your route, time -- hell, altitude, if you're flying -- and logs it all online for posterity and/or sharing on Facebook and the like.

Check out video of it in action after the break.

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TomTom updated to 1.3 now with Google Local Search!

The AT&T Navigator app and TomTom for my two favorite GPS solutions; TomTom just took the lead with this most recent update.

One of the benefits of the AT&T Navigator app was the ability to search real-time and navigate to a location via the web. Now, TomTom is bringing us that functionality via Google Local Search, and more! Here is a list in the most rescent update, 1.3:

  • Real-Time traffic- The best traffic information available today (an additional $19.99)
  • Google Local Search- Access the latest listings from within TomTom
  • The Latest Maps- The most accurate map
  • Music Fading- Instead of music pausing, it fades when navigation is spoken
  • Automatic Day/Night Mode- TomTom now calculates the sunrise and sunset and changes the map accordingly
  • Add Locations- From other apps and websites

It is disappointing that the traffic component costs an additional $19.99, but to me the Google Search alone is worth this update. Check out some pics after the break!

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AT&T Navigator for iPhone Updated to v1.5i

Yesterday Navigon MobileNavigator received a pretty nice update, today Telenav released a update of their own for AT&T Navigator that includes some very nice new features. They are as follows:

  • Shake-to-Go(tm): Users can now shake their iPhone at any time while in an AT&T Navigator menu screen and it will automatically initiate a route to a pre-designated "home" address the user has set.
  • Speed Limit Display & Alerts: Navigation screen includes speed limit information and provides visual alerts if the limit is exceeded.
  • Last Trip Origin: Once a trip is completed, users can easily return to the origin of their last trip by accessing the "Recent Places" menu.
  • Nighttime Maps: The brightness levels of map screens are adjusted for nighttime driving for easier viewing.
  • Improved Route Avoidance Options: Drivers may now choose to avoid routes that make use of high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes or choose to avoid routes that include toll roads.
  • Improved Pedestrian Mode: Users will be able to clearly identify when they are navigating in pedestrian mode with the introduction of a new pedestrian icon on the map screen.

AT&T Navigator version 1.5i is now available to download within the App Store. The app is free to download with a subscription cost of $9.99 per month, or $69 for a year.

Check out this latest version in action after the break!

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Apple: No Location-based Ads for Non Location-based Apps -- Controversy de Jour?

Apple's iPhone Developer News feed has posted a note saying developers should enhance their App Store apps with Core Location... but not if they just want to use it to serve up location-based ads. Of course, this has set off yet another round of conspiracy theories and Apple accusations. Here's what Apple had to say:

The Core Location framework allows you to build applications which know where your users are and can deliver information based on their location, such as local weather, nearby restaurants, ATMs, and other location-based information.

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Magellan GPS Car Kit for iPhone/iPod touch Coming Soon

Magellan recently announced they are releasing a GPS car kit of their own and it already has hit the FCC. Like the much anticipated TomTom car kit, the Magellan will give the iPod touch and first generation iPhone GPS capabilities as long as you are using the Magellan GPS application. [iTunes Link] This particular car kit is crammed with some nice features:

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Quick App Update: Sygic Mobile Maps for iPhone

Are you still on the hunt for the right GPS navigation application? Sygic Mobile Maps [$59.00 - US iTunes Link] has just gotten a much needed update and we are happy to report is has polished this GPS app nicely. Gone is the lag we experienced along with the addition of some other much anticipated features.

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TomTom's iPhone Car Kit Delayed

Well it's official, TomTom's much anticipated iPhone car kit accessory will not make it out this summer like the company initially had planned. Rather, it has been delayed until October according to their website's FAQ page.

The TomTom car kit availability was originally planned for this summer. But we have decided to take some extra weeks in order to deliver the highest quality on this innovative product. So, the car kit will become available this October on

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MobileMe's "Find My iPhone" Serving Justice

A robbery victim has taken advantage of his MobileMe service and put it to good use. A Pittsburgh man, who's name has been withheld, told police he was forced to turn over his wallet, his PIN number and his iPhone at gun point (Pellet Gun as it turns out) by 3 robbers early Sunday morning. Lacking any tech savvy skills or common sense for that matter, the robbers were clueless about one of MobileMe's very helpful features, "Find My iPhone".

After calling the police the man used his computer and MobileMe to track down his iPhone along with the 3 not so smart criminals having a late night snack at a local restaurant.

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TomTom's Car Kit Gets FCC Approval