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TomTom Promo Video Shows Off Car Kit

TomTom insists on teasing us all with the above video yet there is still no mention of pricing or availability. As you can see, this car kit brings a lot more to the table than a simple window mount for your iPhone. With the following extras, you can count on this being a pricey addition to your accessory collection.

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From the Forums: Push Apps, GPS Apps, Native iPhone Apps/Features, Data Usage

Welcome to From the Forums. If you are curious as to what all of the hot topics are on the TiPb forums, this is the place to be. In order to create any new threads of your own or reply to any of the following threads, you must be a registered member. Becoming a member is a simple process that will only take a few minutes out of your day, so if you haven’t already, head on over and register now.

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Apps for Less: Sygic Mobile Maps US - Turn-By-Turn Voice Guided GPS Navigation

With news of TomTom hitting Apple's App Store it's time to start looking out for great deals from the other GPS apps that are currently available. Today we were notified that one of the most feature filled GPS apps, Sygic Mobile Maps for the US is on sale for a limited time and it's priced to sell - $39.99. [iTunes Link]

We've used Sygic Mobile Maps and it is well worth $39.99 if you are within the United States. The sale ends at the end of this month so be sure to act fast! It contains some very nice features with some of the highlights as followed:

  • Voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation
  • Rotation sensor for automatic switching between landscape/portrait operation in real-time
  • Automatic return to the app and the route after a phone call
  • All important safety features, including lane assistance, speed limit indication, safety cameras, information about railway crossings and dangerous areas
  • Thousands of POIs; among others also a list of parking options nearby for you to select and be guided to selection between car and bicycle modes for optimum route calculation
  • All the maps will be stored on the device, there will be no need to download data on the go, which otherwise costs unnecessary waiting time and money

Screen shots after the break!

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Sygic "Confirms" First Turn-by-Turn App to Enter App Store?

Dieter gave us our first eyes-on look at Sygic's Turn-by-Turn GPS solution for the iPhone 3G, but we wondered if Apple -- whose iPhone SDK specifically forbid providing such navigation -- would ever allow it.

Seems Sygic thinks they will:

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Phone different Podcast Episode 34

Rene and Chad fill in for Dieter and Mike this week, covering Mobile World Congress, the latest with Google and GPS, more MobileMe, Jailbreaking illegal, and the rest of the news. Listen in!

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Eyes On: Sygic Turn By Turn GPS App for iPhone

There you see it, folks, a real live native iPhone app that provides turn-by-turn GPS directions with voice prompts, points of interest, support for multiple countries, maps stored in-memory instead of streamed from the internet, the whole nine yards.

Working off a tip/reminder from antonioj (thanks!), I scurried off to the TeleAtlas booth at the close day here at MWC to visit Sygic, a company that makes (you guessed it) downloadable GPS apps for smartphones and PDAs. They had promised a demo of their iPhone app at MWC09 and, well, they delivered.

Read on for more!

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TeleNav Makes Turn-by-Turn Navigation for Android G1 -- Where's the iPhone App?!

Our sibling site, Android Central, has posted up a story about TeleNav making a turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for Google's Android G1:

The TeleNav software will include full color 3D graphics, speech recognition, one-click rerouting, traffic alerts, weather updates, gas prices, and restaurant reviews.

Sure, it's not all roses. After a 30-day free trial, you need to fork over $9.99 a month, $99 a year, or $249 for four years to keep the service, but at least they have the option.

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How-To: Find Your Car with iPhone 3G

Have you ever experienced the frustration of parking your car in a massive parking lot or parking garage and then almost panicked when you couldn't find it? If you haven't, well, good for you. Your pink Hummer with curb feelers and fuzzy dice must make things REAL easy for you. Me, on the other hand, not so lucky. Let me tell you how your iPhone 3G can be your best friend for finding where you parked! After the break, of course.

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