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xGPS Brings Turn-by-Turn Directions to iPhone Via Jailbreak

So you've been on the fence about Jailbreaking recently, maybe this is enough to sway you? Once again, a 3rd party developer has come through for all of us and has delivered a working turn-by-turn GPS solution!

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TiPb Retorts: iPhone Shmodcasts?! WinMo GPS Locks?! Fight the Real Enemy!

Sibling site WMExperts, which -- while Dieter doffs his WinMo cap and rounds his robin reviewing the iPhone -- brings us Phil Nickinson's exception to iPhone OS 2.2's Podcast Download feature.

Okay, it's not cut and paste, lack of MMS, no unified inbox, no Flash, etc. etc. In all fairness, it's an interesting look at some of the things we here at TiPb complain about as well, pointedly the 10MB cap for podcast downloads over the 3G network (you have to switch to WiFi for anything larger, same as the App Store has enforced since iPhone OS 2.0):

It’s this kind of manipulation from Apple that keeps a good many of us from wanting to deal with the company (and frustrates many who do). It’s not that the hardware’s not sexy. It’s not that the software is lacking. It’s that lines are being blurred, or destroyed. Apple makes the hardware, and AT&T provides the service. There’s too much collusion going on. If AT&T wants to set a 5-gigabyte cap on my data, fine. But don’t tell me how to use those gigs. And don’t use Apple as a proxy to do so.

The only problem with the argument? The inclusion of Apple.

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live Podcast #1

iPhone OS 2.2, Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation, Google hearts the iPhone, and more. Listen in!

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GPS Module Coming to 1st Generation iPhones

Did you think we forgot all of you on 1st generation iPhones? Well we here at TiPb have not forgotten any of you! If you have been craving true GPS for you iPhone well here is your chance to grab it while you can.

OrangeGadgets is on the brink of releasing an add on GPS module for the iPhone, the iGPS360. This is excellent news for all of you with 1st generation iPhones... what's the catch you ask? I'm glad you asked... you have to jailbreak your device for it to work. The reason for this is that Apple has not allowed any 3rd party access to the operating system via the dock connector. So jailbreaking is the only way.

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TiPb Answers: Why is There No Turn-by-Turn Navigation on the iPhone?

TiPb loves answering your emails, but we also love sharing our answers with the community in hopes that more people will benefit, and even better answers will present themselves (hey, that's why we have them forums!). Today's question comes from Chris:

"Why doesn't the iPhone have real GPS?! Even the [redacted] Samsung Instinct has turn by turn! Why does Apple add [redacted] like street view [but] not the things users really want?"

TiPb answers after the break!

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Friday Fun Rumor: 3D Turn-By-Turn GPS Navigation for iPhone Post 2.2?

Huge rumor. No corroboration. Not journalism. Posting this from a first time, antonymous tipster and if it doesn't pan out... well... I'll be boiled in clam chowder eventually anyway... But it's Friday and this is FUN. Of course, Dieter already told us about the complicated legal quagmire surrounding turn-by-turn GPS, but dagnabit, we wants it!

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Rumor-mill: iPod Touch to Get GPS?! + iPod Nano Case Leaks?!

Could all the rumors -- and even Kevin Rose -- have been right? Will we see a longer, widescreen iPod Nano that brings the candy-bar shape back? MacRumors rounds up some "leaked" "case designs" that suggest maybe they are -- or merely that even the Chinese read Kevin Rose's blog? Roughly Drafted, on the other hand points out that a new aspect ration for the screen might cause problems for existing iPod formatted videos and games.

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TomTom / Turn-by-Turn GPS On the iPhone 3G Still in Limbo?

Running out of things to say about the ongoing (and ongoing, and ongoing, and ongoing) TomTom and general turn-by-turn GPS on the iPhone saga?

Lucky for us, MSNBC's Suzanne Choney (via MacDailyNews) found out the big industry players certainly aren't.

Says TomTom:

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How To: Disable or Reset Location Services for iPhone 2.0

Thanks to CoreLocation in the iPhone SDK, Apps can make use of WiFi, Cell, and A-GPS (for the iPhone 3G) information to keep track of where you are. Your Twitter feed can be tagged with your current location, or can show you just those contacts in a certain vicinity. A movie app can automatically fetch show times for all the theaters in a certain radius. A to-do app can pop up location-based (rather than just time-based) alerts, reminding you to help your mom change a lightbulb next time you're there, or ping you when you pass the electronics store so you remember to pick up that cable you need.

Convenient? You bet. Powerful? A game changer. Invasive? Er... Could certainly be.

What if you don't always want whereabouts broadcast, if you don't want everyone to know (or potentially be able to find out) where you are, when you're out shopping, where that picture of your child was taken?

Read on to find out how apps ask for permission to use your location, how you can change your mind and make them ask you again, or how you can turn off location services completely.

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Joz Speaks! iPhone 3G Cut-and-Paste, Turn-by-Turn, and Office Suites?

Greg "Joz" Joswiak, Apple's head of iPod and iPhone marketing shed some light on the iPhone 3G/2.0 and some of its highly requested, yet still missing functionality, like where's our ability to select text, cut it or copy it, and paste it?

Apple has a priority list of features, and they got as far as they could down that list with this model

Why isn't there a constant yet ever-so-slightly-disappointed voice telling us we missed our last ten exists and threatening to "re-calculate"?

[T]here are some murky "complicated issues" preventing driving directions apps at the moment. "It will evolve. I think our developers will amaze us."

Like TomTom?

With regards to David Pogue's claim that Apple said the iPhone 3G GPS antenna was too small for turn-by-turn?

Find his answer after the jump!

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