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Griffin announces the Twenty audio amplifier for Airport Express

Griffin has announced a new AirPlay enabled audio amplifier that uses Airport Express technology. The new accessory which is called “Twenty” captures any AirPlay stream, decodes it then sends out an amplified stream to your speakers.

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Griffin and Crayola unveil new lineup of kid-friendly apps and accessories

Griffiin and Crayola unveiled their new lineup of kid-friendly apps and accessories this morning at CES 2012, in Las Vegas. We'll be getting some hands-on time with the acessories later here but the apps that came along with the release are pretty awesome for kids as well. Following up on their release of Crayola ColorStudio HD, the newly announced Crayola Lights, Camera, Color! HD allows kids to snap a photo or use one of their already existing photos to "drain" the color out of it allowing them to color in the pictures as they think they should be.

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Review + giveaway: Griffin Woogie plush toy case for iPhone and iPod touch

The Woogie by Griffin is a soft, plush, huggable, toy that doubles as an iPhone or iPod touch case. It's meant for children, to give them something to hold up their iPod touch for easy game playing or video watching, or to protect your iPhone if you're letting them use it.

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Add an instrument input to your iPhone or iPad with Griffin GuitarConnect Pro

Griffin has announced a new iPhone, iPod touch and iPad accessory called GuitarConnect Pro, and it aims to add both an instrument input and gain controller to really let you rock out with Apple's GarageBand.

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Griffin Wristlet for iPod nano -- accessory review

The Giffin Wristlet for iPod nano is nice silicone holder for Apple's tiniest screen-based music player. Just slip your 6th generation iPod nano into the stretchy case, then wrap the wrist strap around your wrist.

The case covers the on/off and volume buttons, protecting them from scuffs and scrapes and minor weather, but leaves the 30 pin dock connector and 3.5mm headphone jack clear for easy syncing, charging, and listening. There's a cutout for the clip, so you can still clamp your nano onto a shirt or band or anything else if you so choose.

The wrist strap is quite comfortable, and the nice thing is you can really hang it on just about anything. And yes, it does let you weaponize your nano, kung-fu whip style -- though it might not survive a lot of impacts. Unfortunately, it's moulded out of the same single piece of silicone as the case itself so it's not really adjustable.

All in all the Giffin Wristlet for iPod nano offers good protection, and the wrist strap an extra option for carrying around your music player.

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Griffin AeroSport for iPod nano -- accessory review

The Griffin AeroSport for iPod nano is an armband strap for those who are always on the go and want to take their music with them. It's made of a lycra so it is very light, comfortable, and flexible and stays put on your arm whether you are jogging or playing sports. For more on the Griffin AeroSport for iPod nano stay with us after the break!

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Griffin TuneJuice 2 Back-up Battery for iPhone - accessory review

The Griffin TuneJuice 2 Back-up Battery for iPhone is a battery charger for iPhone or iPad touch (or traditional iPds) that, instead of being rechargeable, uses AAA batteries. That means to use of the TuneJuice you do not have to constantly find an outlet and make sure you recharge it before your iPhone. You can just throw in fresh batteries and get going. So if you are traveling for a long period of time and worry that you may need to keep a few items charged then this is the charger for you.

To find out more follow us after the break!

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Griffin shows off Crayola Color Studio HD for iPad - TiPb at CES 2011

Take old world fun like drawing with crayons or magic markers and update it with the latest in high tech so it runs on the iPad and what do you get? All shades of awesome.

Grab an iMarker, launch the companion app, choose a active coloring landscape, and get your crayon on.

We checked it out live at CES 2011 so watch the video up top and let us know how busy this would keep your kids!

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Griffin CarTrip jacks your iPhone into your car computer - TiPb at CES 2011

Griffin's CarTrip is a tiny Bluetooth peripheral that plugs into the diagnostic port contained on most modern cars and transmits back usage data and error messages to an app on your iPhone. You can use this data to track different performance data over time to try and maximize your fuel efficiency, or just to pull off any problem reports so you know when -- and why! -- you need to go to a mechanic.

We got to take a look at it live from the CES 2011 show floor so check out the video up top and let us know whether you'll be getting one for your ride in the comments below!


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Griffin and Crayola partner to bring ColorStudio HD to iPad

Griffin and Crayola in a joint venture have announced that ColorStudio HD will be coming to the iPad in the Spring. ColorStudio HD combines a Crayola iMarker (stylus) and an interactive coloring book app aimed squarely at entertaining the little ones.

Remember last year’s summer vacation? Are we there yet Dad? How much further Dad? Well hopefully when this app launches, those days will be gone. Simply pass your beloved iPad into the back of the car and you won’t hear another word until you get there. Crayola has long been a favorite with the younger generation, add in the iPad and this app is a winner for the children!

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