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iBookstore updated for publishers, now accepts screenshots and the ability to issue promo codes

Apple has sent out a letter via its iTunes Connect portal to all of its registered iBookstore content publishers advising them of some much needed improvements. The iBookstore will now allow publishers to submit screenshots of their books but even more importantly, they can now generate and issue promotional codes for any content sold in the iBookstore.

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Wisconsin settlement funds from Microsoft being used to buy iPads for education

Wisconsin plans to use settlement funds from Microsoft to buy 1,400 iPads for educational use. The settlement funds from Microsoft are related to a suit in which consumers claimed Microsoft was overcharging its consumers for software. The iPads are being paid for with $3.4 million in funds from the almost $80 million total that Microsoft agreed to pay to the state.

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Paper books vs. iBooks and Kindle books

There's an interesting debate taking place about the merits and virtues of modern electronic books like Apple's iBooks or Amazon's Kindle books and their traditional counterparts -- old fashioned paper bound and proper.

They're qualitatively different, inarguably. The feel of board and cloth and leather is warm and textured compared to the crisp coolness of glass, aluminum, and plastic. The gentle sound of pages flipping is vastly different than a tap or swipe or click. The sharp smell of a fresh new novel or musky scent of an old tome exists in a different dimension from the relative sterility of chips and displays.

Yet the weight, permanence, and nostalgia of traditional books can be a disadvantage when it comes to carrying them, correcting them, and moving the state of the art of knowledge forward once again.

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Inside Apple, the book that claims to expose Apple's secrets, now available

Adam Lashinsky's Inside Apple, wish purports to go behind the scenes of Apple's magic as the world's biggest start up, and lay bare the secrets of their success, is now available for purchase and, if you go the electronic route, immediate download.

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Giveaway: Inside Apple: New book aims to expose old secrets

Inside Apple is a new book from Fortune's Adam Lashinsky that aims to reveal some of the secrets behind the success of America's premiere consumer electronics company -- Apple.

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One day before Apple results, analysts try and peg iBooks textbook sales at 350,000 in 3 days

According to Global Equities Research, Apple's foray into the digital textbook market has been met with initial success, selling through upwards of 350,000 textbooks within the first 3 days. AllThingsD reports.

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Bloom County now available in iBooks

Birkley Breathed's Bloom County was my two favorite comic strips growing up, and now it's starting to become available in iBooks. From Bill the Cat's run for president to Milo's skewering of Senator Bedfellow to Oliver's landing the space shuttle to Opus'... everything, it delighted me on a daily basis.

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Apple's education event was just the beginning

Almost immediately following Apple's education event, the internet was filled with claims that Apple's textbook plan will never work. Namely, that the current $500 entry price of an iPad is unreasonably expensive for schools or parents to afford.

No shit.

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McGraw-Hill CEO credits Steve Jobs for iBooks textbook launch

McGraw Hill CEO, Terry McGraw has paid a huge amount of credit to Steve Jobs over the launch of iBooks 2, which brought the availability of low price textbooks on the iPad.  Speaking to the press after Apple’s education event yesterday, McGraw was asked a number of questions by All Things D reporter Peter Kafka. He was asked why now for digital textbooks as Apple had been talking to publishers for the last few years.

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Teacher and educator reactions to Apple's iBooks 2, iBooks Author, and iTunes U

At Apple's education event they announced two initiatives: iBooks 2 and iBooks Author designed to bring textbooks into the digital age, and an all new iTunes U to create and share lesson plans, and follow and complete course work. As education initiatives from publicly traded companies go, they're big and bold -- but they're also just the beginning. There will be struggles and successes, breakthroughs and missteps. And while many of us here at iMore and Mobile Nations could speak about the implications from purely technical and business standpoints, we're lucky to have several teachers and educators, past and present, on staff. They were kind enough to share their thoughts on Apple's new initiatives, specifically and importantly where they impact most -- our kids in the classroom.

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