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The new iPad (2012) community report card

By now you've read our highly detailed iMore new iPad review, and the reality-checking Mobile Nations new iPad round-table, so there's only one part of our trifecta left -- your take. That's right, the most important thing at the end of the day is what you, the iMore community thinks of the new iPad. How does Apple's latest tablet meet your expectations and serve your needs. To find out and to give you your say, we ran several polls and you started several forum threads.

Here are the results to date.

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iDoodle: All iPad wants for Christmas...

iPad's making a list, numbering it twice;
Wants a jailbreak to be naughty, and Siri would be nice.
Santa Cook, please bring it on down!

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iDoodle: As if millions of punch-the-monkey ads suddenly cried out in terror...

...And were suddenly silenced.

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iDoodle: Drained