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The best word games for iPhone and iPad

Hone your grammar and spelling skills in this collection of iOS word games.

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The best iOS games: Collectible Card Game edition

Enjoy these collectible card games—without wasting any paper.

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The best retro '80s iPhone games

All the '80s games that your childhood computer could barely run will play great on your iPhone.

Nostalgia is a double-edged sword. Sometimes revisiting the games of our youths reveals how lackluster they they were; other times, those titles feel just as good, if not better, than they did back in our halcyon days. Will this collection of iOS games, ported from 1980s fare we all knew and loved, hold up upon replay? Let's pop open the time capsule and find out.

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The best iPad board games

Play the best tabletop gaming has to offer, without the hassle of setting up the pieces.

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The week's best iPhone games, outer space edition!

This week's iOS gaming list is full of stars.

I'd never have qualified for astronaut training, given that I can't even handle roller coasters, but I don't have to give up my spacesuit dreams thanks to this collection of new iPhone games. From interplanetary explorations to flight simulations to alien battles, these five games are made for outer space aficionados.

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The week's best iPhone games: Her Story, Your Story, and more!

Narrative mysteries unfold in this week's roundup of excellent iPhone games.

This week's iOS games feature choose-your-own-adventure stories, strategic master-minding, and ... oh, all right, there's at least one of those free jumping puzzles in the mix.

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The week's best iPhone games: Fallout Shelter, Superstar Skaters, and more!

My favorite App Store games this week have something in common: they're all a little bit odd—aliens, apocalyptic romances, and uncanny valleys abound. The other quality these bizarre games happen to share? They're free! So you may as well explore their weirding ways.

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The best iPad games

Let's celebrate the finest in iPad gaming glory!

Travel to outer space, explore vistas and valleys, and conquer nightmarish fiends in our latest collection of iOS games that play out best on the iPad's bigger screen: Here are our top picks for iPad games from the last year or two.

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The best iPhone games

Here are our picks for the top ten unforgettable iPhone games from the last few years. They made a big splash on a small screen!

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Til Morning's Light: Tips and tricks for navigating the haunted mansion's mazes

Puzzling through the ghostly corridors of Til Morning's Light? Listen up for advice.

The heroine of Til Morning's Light got locked inside a haunted house without any advanced notice, but that doesn't mean you need to go in with her unprepared. Help Erica out of a tight spot and get the most out of the experience with these handy tips.

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