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Rent 3G iPad from PadInTheCity in Madrid

Travelers to Madrid, Spain can now rent a 3G iPad from PadInTheCity during their visit. In addition to the iPad, the rental includes unlimited 3G data, a case and charger, and the iPad is loaded with 29 travel and business related apps.

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Daily Tip: How to enable video mirroring on the original iPad [jailbreak]

Own an original iPad and want to know how to enable video mirroring, just like iPad 2 offers? While this feature is not supported on the original iPad, with the release of the iOS 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak you can now add the display mirroring feature. We'll tell you how after the break!

[Nature’s Eye Studios via macstories]

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Cablevision releases Optimum iPad app, all your cable TV available on the iPad

Cablevison has just launched its Optimum app for the iPad. What’s most interesting is that it can receive every channel you subscribe to with your current TV subscription; as well as control the DVR functionality of your set top box. In other words it makes your iPad into a fully functioning TV.

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Adobe working on a full featured version of Photoshop for iPad

During the Photoshop World 2011 keynote, Adobe showed off a version of its popular PC and Mac application, Photoshop -- running on an iPad. This is a totally different version to the Photoshop Express app which is already available. The new Photoshop app was given a short demo, which showed off the use of layers and a few other new features

There was no mention of when this app will be released or if it will be iPad only (or iPad 2 only due to the power needed to run it) but we will keep you in the loop as soon as we hear. If you want to catch a short video of the app in action, head over to Photography Bay.

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Apple set to absorb price increases caused by Japan’s continuing power problems?

Japan’s continuing problems with power are having a serious affect on manufacturers of components used in many of Apple’s products. The power constraints are causing upstream components to increase in price. According to DigiTimes, Apple has decided to absorb these additional costs in exchange for smooth shipments.

The DigiTimes source also pointed out that the iPad 2’s monthly shipments are expected to be ramped up to four million units in the second quarter of this year. Apple’s Japanese based upstream component suppliers should be able to meet these demands up until May; from June there may be a problem.

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Royal wedding app for iPhone and iPad now available

If you can’t get enough of the impending Royal Wedding, now there is an app for that! Trinity Mirror has launched a universal iOS app that includes photo galleries, video clips and audio from its royal correspondent James Whitaker.

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Apple removes Liquid Contact Indicators from iPad 2

Apple has removed the LCI’s (Liquid Contact Indictors) from the iPad 2. We already know that Apple has relaxed its policies on water damage to various iPods. This we believe, is down to the unreliability of the indicators; false positives when no water damage has occurred. The sensors are supposed to activate when moisture comes into contact with them. This can then easily be spotted by an Apple representative, voiding your warranty.

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New MobileMe to include music storage and cost $20 a year?

According to The Music Void, Apple is pushing hard to re-launch its MobileMe service this April. The new MobileMe service is said to include a music storage service, to be called Locker.

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Boxee iPad coming soon, streams to other Boxee devices

Boxee will soon release its own iPad app which will offer streaming to other devices that can run the Boxee software. The Boxee app will not use AirPlay but something similar provided by Boxee itself.

VP of Marketing for Boxee, Andrew Kippen describes it as “kinda like AirPlay, but not quite”. The iPad app will allow you to stream content from your original iPad or iPad 2 to any device running the Boxee software. This would include the Boxee Box, PC’s, Mac’s and Linux machines.

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Time Warner Cable receiving cease and desist orders for its iPad App?

According to Business Insider, TV networks are very unhappy with the Time Warner iPad App TW Cable TV. TW Cable TV can stream 32 channels of live television to your iPad as long as you have a cable TV subscription and internet service from Time Warner; you are even restricted to WiFi only.

The problem is television networks say that streaming video over to a tablet is totally different than providing content for cable televisions. This means they should own the rights to the content and get a fee for providing the content for the streaming iPad programs.

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