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AT&T: Keep grandfathered unlimited data on iPad 2, $100 off original iPad

Worried about your unlimited AT&T iPad data if you upgrade to iPad 2, or maybe you just want to save $100 on an original iPad? Well, good news on both fronts!

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BBC iPlayer app to go international, for less than $10 a month

The BBC iPlayer iPad app is set to launch on the international stage later this year and as we already knew, would command a monthly subscription fee. The fee according to Director General Mark Thompson will be a small number of dollars a month, definitely fewer than 10. The international app will give subscribers access to the BBC archive of television programs.

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FaceTime on iPad 2

With the launch of iPad 2, Apple has also enabled FaceTime for use with its new built in cameras. The iPad 2 has two cameras, a front facing VGA camera and a 720P HD rear facing camera and both can be used with  FaceTime.

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Will the iPad 2 be available March 9?

We know that the iPad 2 will be announced on Wednesday, what is still up in air the however is when we will be able to get our hands on one? A couple of stories have emerged over the last twenty four hours, which may point to it being with us by March 9.

Firstly, there are reports that Apple has ceased production of the first iPad and global retailers are no longer able to source them. The retailers that 9to5Mac has spoken to said, they only have what is on their shelves and they could be sold out very soon.

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Daily Tip: How to remove the jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

So you have jailbroken your beloved iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, installed lots of tweaks and now find it to be unstable, or you need to take your device into an Apple Store for service, what do you do? To find out how unjailbreak please stay with us after the break.

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Jonathan Ive considering a move back to UK?

UK news paper, The Sunday Times is reporting that Jonathan Ive, the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple, wants to return to the UK to live! Ive is the principal designer of the iMac, MacBook, unibody MacBook Pro, iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Ive supposedly wishes to commute to Cupertino from his home, which is based in Somerset, England, and the Apple board is not exactly thrilled by the idea. A friend of Ive’s family has allegedly confirmed the dispute and told The Sunday Times:

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BBC holding an event at the same time as the iPad 2 launch, are they linked?

The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) is holding an unspecified press event on Wednesday March 2nd at 6pm GMT, which coincides exactly to the Apple iPad 2 launch event.

Now this could be pure coincidence, but throw into the mix that the BBC event will be hosted by none other than self confessed Apple fan Stephen Fry and this sets alarm bells ringing. Mr Fry was one of the first people to get their hands on the original iPad last year so it all starts to make sense, well a little anyway!

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Apple reduces iPad 2 production target, still no delays expected?

According to a report from the hit-and-miss Digitimes, Apple has made adjustments to its iPad 2 design at the last minute and it is now facing some issues with production levels for the expected big launch next month. No information on what that design change was on the iPad 2, maybe we will see LightPeak -- aka ThunderBolt -- afterall, we shall see.

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Subsidized iPad price drop in the UK, iPad 2 coming soon?

UK mobile networks, T-Mobile and Orange have slashed the price of the iPad which could mean the iPad 2 is right around the corner. Both networks currently offer the iPad at a subsidized price when you sign up for a 24 month data contract.

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iPad set to replace restaurant menus and reduce staff

Stacked Restaurant chain is going to use the iPad to enable customers to order their food at the table, reducing the need and cost of waitress service. The new restaurant chain is set to open their first restaurant in Southern California in May, with two more to follow.

An iPad will sit on each table within a metal framed stand and provide customers with the choice of what goes in their burgers, pizzas and salads. They can select the type of buns, meat, toppings etc by clicking and dragging icons on the touchscreen. The resultant menu choice will be viewable on the iPad screen when complete. Diners can also pay for their food via the iPad.

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