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Did Steve Jobs just confirm no more updates for iPhone 2G?

According to yet another claim of Steve Jobs replying to a customer email, Apple will no longer be offering updates to the original 2007 iPhone 2G.

The question:

Is Apple supporting/updating the iPhone 2G in the Future?

Cheers Niko

Steve Jobs' answer:

“Sorry, no.

Sent from my iPhone”

Apple's subscription accounting method for iPhone was said to allow for 2 years of free updates, including iPhone 2.0 in 2008 and iPhone 3.0 in 2009. Since that period was over, we were left to wonder if Apple would charge for iPhone OS 4 in 2010 or just not provide it at all. If this email exchange is accurate, we have our answer.

What say you?

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iPhone 3.1 Encryption Enforcement Fix Causing Problems for iPhone 3G, 2G Exchange 2007 Users

iPhone 3.1 apparently fixes a bug that didn't properly enforce Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1 encryption policies, and that looks to be causing problems for users of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G (and likely first and second gen iPod touch users as well).

While the iPhone 3GS supports Exchange encryption and is thus unaffected, the previous generation devices reportedly do not, leading to the error shown above.

Outside buying an iPhone 3GS or getting your Exchange Admin to turn off the encryption requirement (good luck with that!) we're not sure if there's a fix for this fix yet.

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Which iPhone are You? Apple Charts the Differences

Apple's Knowledge Base once again steps up in the handy-dandy reference chart department with a feature check-list showing highlighting some major features supported by all iPhone models, by the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S, and by the new iPhone 3G S alone.

There are some caveats, however:

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Dev-Team - redsn0w Forecast for iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G Jailbreak in June

NOTE: iPhone 3G S need not apply!

While I don't have anywhere near the midichlorians Jeremy has for all things Jailbreak, I can tell when the infamous iPhone Dev-Team has their game on:

redsn0w is an easy to use, multi-platform, multi-device jailbreaking and unlocking (iPhone 2G only) tool for the iPhone 2G (original iPhone), the iPhone 3G (but not the 3GS) and also the iPod touch (first and second generation). Currently it is available for Windows and Mac OS X (there are some issues using redsn0w with OS X PPC, please use an Intel Mac until we have this problem resolved).

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iPhone 3.0: What it Means for Original iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, and 3rd Gen iPhones

Tomorrow is WWDC 2009. We'll no doubt get a second preview of iPhone 3.0 and hopefully a release date to go along with it -- if not the actual release itself.

We've done our best to cover iPhone 3.0, both through our massive and continuously updated iPhone 3.0 Beta Walkthrough, and our ongoing iPhone 3.0 blog posts. But what will that release -- tomorrow, later this week, or later this "summer" -- mean for current owners of the 2007 original iPhone 2G and the 2008 iPhone 3G, never mind the 2009 iPhone... whatever it ends up being called.

Let's take a look!

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Patent Watch: Original iPhone 2G Casing -- Now All Apple's!

MacNN brings word that Apple, along with other assorted patents for the Mac Pro's riser card housing, OS X's GUI drawer-like windows, and the MacBook Air's multi-touch trackpad, Apple has been awarded a patent for:

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Today on the Forums: Google Sync, iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G? MobileMe Renewal? iPhone Help Forums

The forum community here at TiPb keeps growing in numbers every day! With more and more great threads getting posted it's been hard to try and keep up. Today on the forums, we have a few more good ones that you should definitely check out!

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Review: Griffin California Roll for iPhone 2G/3G

The Griffin California Roll for iPhone 2G and 3G is in stock and ready to ship from the iPhone Blog Store for $19.95. Personally, I'm not much for sushi, but this is a California Roll I can sink my teeth into. If you want something to carry your iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and other small accessories and to organize them into one case, Griffin's California Roll could be what you are looking for. Follow me after the break to get to know this case a little better!

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AT&T Downgrading Original iPhone 2G Service

Still got that original iPhone 2G running on AT&T? Get ready to suffer, luddite! Gizmodo reports on OFB's findings:

Timothy Butler over at OFB did some sleuthing and found that AT&T is downgrading its EDGE/2G service to the weaker 1900 MHz band. Their response to those with newly-lousy service? Buy a new phone.

Specifically, the weaker band means less bars in less places, like inside homes and offices and, out of the way regions -- like maybe where you are?

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Tip o' the Week: Sync iPhone on Two Computers

I don't know if you have tried this (I have), but if you attempt to sync your iPhone with any computer other than the one you originally synced with your iPhone, you will receive a warning that your iPhone is "synced with another iTunes library."  Your only choice at this point is to "Cancel" the operation or "Erase and Sync" because your iPhone can only be synced to one iTunes library at a time.  Or CAN it?

Thanks to a set of most excellent instructions from the Shiny Things blog of Andrew Grant located here, you can sync your iPhone with one or more additional computers. Read on to learn more!

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